German Bank SHIB Gives The Thumbs Up For AVAX And ​​These Altcoins!

European-based online bank N26 is partnering with Bitpanda to launch new cryptocurrencies. There will be 100 different cryptocurrencies on the list, including AVAX and SHIB.

N26 and Bitpanda collaboration

The German bank N26, worth $ 9 billion, is preparing new works in partnership with the cryptocurrency exchange Bitpanda. According to the announcement made on Thursday, from today customers in Austria will be able to trade with more than 100 tokens, including AVAX and SHIB. These features are planned to be rolled out to other markets in the coming months.

These tools will be activated through Bitpanda’s APIs that are platform specific. The N26 app will offer new services and tools for its customers from the forthcoming “Finances” tab. N26 CEO Valentin Stalf noted in his statements about the collaboration that this is on demand from customers:

Although cryptocurrencies have seen a decline in their value over the past year, they remain an in-demand and interesting asset class for investors and a growing module of the financial system. Cryptocurrency processes are often the entry point to invest in a new generation of investors who want to explore ways to grow their wealth.

SHIB, AVAX and others will start first processes in Austria

The German bank reported in July that it is working with a “high-end crypto exchange” for its new services. Now, although the affiliate is officially announced, its users have to wait for a while. However, Bitpanda has now not received a license from Germany’s financial regulator, BaFin. This means that the bank’s release of crypto artifacts in its home country is currently uncertain. A Bitpanda spokesperson says work for the BaFin license is ongoing:

The BaFin license has a particularly high priority. We have been in the process of obtaining the most comprehensive license for some time to create an important and regulated environment for investments in cryptocurrencies in Germany.

Besides Austrian regulatory approval, Bitpanda is also registered with French, Italian, Swedish and Spanish regulatory authorities, which are key markets for N26. The fact that the cryptocurrency exchange offers new features despite the current market conditions shows that it wants to push the end in this field.

about N26

German neobank N26 is an online bank with a value of 9 billion dollars. It does not have branches like a classical bank. At the same time, it only allows cash transactions through ATMs. Its founders, Max and Valentin, founded the company in 2013 to set a new standard in banking. The bank now wants to facilitate its customers’ cryptocurrency processes through its partnership with Bitpanda. Koindeks.comAs you follow in , we saw an exemplary cooperation in this field from Mastercard.

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