Gaming Coins Review: Let’s Get to Know These 5 Altcoins!

Gaming coins, play-to-earn/P2E; It creates a revolution in the game world by creating a system that rewards players and creators. It’s a solid field and it’s growing every day. The total market price of these coins is 5,849,326,873 dollars. So which ones should we follow? In this article, we will share the list that some experts have drawn attention to…

Project 1 in the gaming coins list: Xaya (CHI)

Regardless of programming language and Blockchain, Xaya supplements fully decentralized, serverless games/dapps. A Xaya GSP can consolidate assets from other Blockchains. Xaya is language and blockchain independent. The local currency of the Xaya Blockchain is CHI. Blockchain scaling problems are solved for game/dApp performance with the platform. It is also worth noting that Xaya has a fork of Namecoin and Bitcoin. It uses the blockchain as its primary store of information, just as Namecoin does. Using this basics it guarantees cryptographic security for games and dApps.

Zookeeper (ZOO) based on Avalanche and Wanchain

The unique multi-chain dApp named ZooKeeper leverages ZOONFTs to increase liquidity mining. It is currently available on Avalanche and Wanchain. It provides users with smoother mining payouts and more diverse and interesting NFT games. It also offers users a new and interesting farming experience. According to the website, it is a multi-chain, multi-community ecosystem focused mainly on Blockchain games.

It provides multi-chain access allowing users to collect ZOO tokens and trade ZooNFTs across multiple networks. It provides NFT exchange in an NFT marketplace such as OpenZoo. It also has a game that lets you access ZooGames and play fun games from a random chain that is open.

Game like Axie Infinity Monsta Infinite (MONI)

Blockchain-based in-game currency MONI (Monsta Infinite) is used in the card-based monster fighting game. Monsta Infinite allows players to earn money in the real world while having fun in the virtual world. It offers an environment that is earned by playing. Although Monsta was conceived as a “cheaper” version of Axie Infinite, it eventually developed a unique way to address the various issues present in the NFT gaming industry.

Users form a MONSTA team during the game, then engage in card-based combat with other players or AI-controlled enemies. Additionally, Monsta Infinite includes an open world function that allows players to create social networks and participate in live events.

Nakamoto Games (NKA), which also attracts game developers

Play-to-win gaming platform Nakamoto Games offers a variety of crypto games. Considering that the crypto gaming market will continue to expand, the platform is believed to offer potential to players. The project wants to attract both gamers and game designers. The platform will release tools that will allow developers to publish and monetize video games.

On the other hand, Nakamoto Games mostly releases its own game. According to users, these games are never boring, as there are always new versions for players to choose from. Third-party developers are encouraged to integrate their games through their SDK and increase the number of games offered on their platforms in addition to in-house versions.

The last project in the gaming coins list: GAMEE (GMEE)

GMEE is a token created to serve for payments, services and rewards in supported games offered on the GAMEE casual gaming platform. Players receive the GMEE token for completing games on the GAMEE platform. Tokens will be used to pay entry prices for unique competitions. They will serve governance goals by enabling token holders to vote on the development of GAMEE games and the allocation of prize pools. To contact the gaming platform, GAMEE is building an NFT system. GMEE tokens will be used to purchase and upgrade these NFTs.

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