FTX CEO’s Speech Leaked: SEC Leader Speaks! Next week…

The process between FTX and Binance is contentious. Withdrawn from Binance’s buy conversation. Subsequently, information about the conversation FTX CEO SBF made to his employees on Slack leaked. The FTX CEO reported in the papers that he has an investment call for next week. He also said that the funds from here will be used primarily for steps in favor of customers.

FTX CEO faces theses

SBF, the CEO of FTX, which is in crisis, uses every means to get his company out of this difficult situation. SBF conveyed the developments about the company to its employees through the Slack program. According to what was stated, he made a statement that he will hold an investment meeting next week:

Our priority is customers and investors

As we have reported as Koindeks.com; With Binance’s withdrawal from the acquisition, the CEO continues to seek new funding. The statement includes the following words:

We will hold a new fundraising meeting next week. The purpose of this fund is primarily customers. Subsequently, to fulfill our responsibility to the investors and then to the employees. We live in a world where everything can change with great surprises. Finally, I can count myself. However, I do not think that these meetings of the company have added any benefit to me personally.

SBF spoke implicitly about Binance’s withdrawal

Speaking about Binance’s withdrawal from the consensus at the last moment, FTX CEO SBF said:

About Binance… It’s a glass house and I’m not going to throw a stone at it. I’ll wait a little. But I have to say that they probably didn’t really plan to negotiate. No matter what happens, we will continue to do our job.

However, Bloomberg noted that SBF will have to go to bankruptcy court if FTX is unable to find an investment. Earlier in the day, TRON founder Justin Sun announced that they were holding some talks with FTX. However, no details about the talks were given.

In addition, SBF is said to have transferred $4 billion in funds to save Alameda Research without notifying other FTX executives. It is claimed that these funds also include assets related to users. Dealing with the liquidity crisis, FTX continues its search for funds. Along with all this, the data behind the event emerges. After Binance gave up, the plans to save FTX were left to TRON founder Justin Sun.

FTX crisis being investigated by SEC

Gary Gensler, Leader of the US Securities and Exchange Board (SEC), again drew attention to cryptocurrency regulations. Gensler made various statements regarding the recent collapse in FTX. SEC Leader Gensler spoke about the latest developments at a conference he attended. He said that recent events are a module of the big picture. SEC Leader Gary Gensler stated:

What happened in the last two days is really a module of what we’ve witnessed over the last six or eight months, if we can see the big picture. Investors see significant losses.

In the continuation of his speech, President Gensler stated that there was a lack of explanation and transparency in this process. He also stated that they saw the investors’ money being used and traded forward. However, it is possible that the cryptocurrency regulation being worked on by US lawmakers is insufficient. He argues that because of this, regulation will remain weak. Gensler said the bill was not qualified to meet the requirements:

I would like to point out that some of this legislation was supported by the same individuals who failed in the last 1-2 days.

The SEC’s investigations into the events continue. It is possible that leading countries and legislators will use these events on the department for harsh regulation. As a result, looking at the explanations, the collapse in Terra (LUNA) came to the fore. The crisis in the world’s second largest stock exchange, FTX, will significantly affect the future of cryptocurrencies.

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