Famous Politician: I Should Have Entered This Chest Coin With All My Money!

Former US politician David Gokhshtein says he has only one choice when it comes to betting on the coin market. The crypto phenomenon, who said that he was bull in XRP in his latest tweets, made precedent statements in Bitcoin.

David Gokhshtein voiced his regrets that he said “I should have gone with them all”

There comes a time in every investor’s life when he wishes he had made a sound investment decision instead of the others. Gokhshtein, on the other hand, wished to enter the Shiba Inu (SHIB) with all his money while choosing the best chest coin to invest in. “As far as meme coins are concerned, I should have gotten SHIB with all of them,” the leading cryptocurrency entrepreneur says.

“All in” is a phrase that indicates that investors have decided to invest all their funds in an altcoin. In this case, Gokhshtein wishes to invest all the funds he invested in other chest tokens into the Shiba Inu. But he did not give any particular reason for this. One reason may be recent developments in the SHIB ecosystem.

Shiba Inu is moving away from just a chest coin

The Shiba Inu has been in the limelight lately. The team behind the project is working relentlessly to transform the project from being a chest to a cryptocurrency with enormous benefits. Koindeks.com As you follow, one of these developments was the P2E game called Shiba Eternity. The NFT-based card game has reached more than 10,000 downloads in less than a week on the android portable store. In general, it has received a lot of attention since it went live. The Shiba group has announced that it will release a new guide to get more people to play the game.

Besides Shiba Eternity, the team is also working on stablecoin, a Tier-2 network. Along with projects like Shibarium, SHI, Treat, Shib Metaverse, experts raise the cheetah up to 2,800% at the SHIB price.

In the middle, Shiba Eternity has actually started some interesting moves up the top for SHIB. Following the launch of the game, Shiba’s total number of unique addresses has advanced. Despite the calm state of the crypto market, some of the coin investors remained optimistic. On CoinMarketCap, SHIB registered 1,219,031 addresses representing an increase of 36,000 new wallets over three months.

Additionally, Shibburn recorded a similar spike in token burn hours after the game’s release. On October 7th, the unexpectedly burn rate increased by 1.017% compared to the previous 24-hour period when only 6 million SHIB were burned.

Amid all these developments, the SHIB price is currently trading at $0.00001073. It has lost around 2.5% in value compared to the last 24 hours. Meanwhile, it maintains its position in the 14th place compared to the market price.

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