Famous CEO Lost Billion Dollars With This Altcoin: I’m Not Great!

Kim Seo-joon, CEO of Hashed, one of Terra LUNA’s biggest investors, could not attend the hearing, where he was invited as a witness, stating that he was not in good health. The CEO, who lost $ 3.5 billion in altcoin investments, says he has a spiritual foundation.

The CEO, who sank from his altcoin investments, cannot participate in the Terra case due to mental disorders

The Hashed CEO refused to attend the hearing before the Korean parliament due to much spiritual tension following Terra’s collapse. Kim Seo-joon is said to have “lost” $3.6 billion in the Terra collapse. According to reports in the Korean press, the famous CEO could not participate in the congressional investigation against LUNA. His mental health and panic attacks were the reasons for this. One of the names that provided details about the event was Chinese researcher Wu Blockchain. Wu wrote on Twitter today:

Simon Seojoon Kim, CEO of South Korea’s VC Hashed, declined to appear as a witness in LUNA’s congressional investigation, citing mental illness. He said he has suffered from anxiety disorders and panic attacks since LUNA’s collapse. Kim Seo-joon was LUNA’s most valuable early supporter, bought 30 million LUNA and lost more than $3.5 billion (principal and profit) in the crash.

According to Wu Blockchain’s report, the South Korean parliamentary government committee began conducting state oversight of the Luna-Terra incident in October, which selected Simon Seojoon Kim, CEO of crypto venture capital firm Hashed, as a witness to the case. Kim said she needed spiritual reinforcement during this period and sought expert opinion and medical help.

Hashed, one of Terra LUNA’s biggest supporters, was one of the first investors of the project. He continued to support his plan to launch UST, which would later become a stablecoin for the ecosystem. In an interview with Bloomberg in August 2022, Kim Seo-joon revealed that he had purchased 30 million LUNA, which was worth up to $3.6 billion when the fund peaked in April 2022. The famous CEO now says that he has a panic attack due to his losses.

“I am being treated at the hospital”

The explosion of TerraUSD and the contact token LUNA in May dealt a major blow to Kim Seo-joon and his company, Hashed. Kim said he lost many of the 30 million LUNAs he bought in the first days of the project. By the time the LUNA price peaked on April 5, that metric would cost $3.6 billion. The CEO now says he’s being treated in hospital for his mental health:

I have been receiving treatment at the hospital since July 29. I take both medication and spiritual reinforcement. My tension and mental health are extremely bad. The symptoms are always getting worse. I experience unsystematic illnesses and panic attacks in tension and anxiety.

As for Do Kwon, he still insists that he is not a fugitive and is willing to cooperate with investigative agencies and the government. Not that Koindeks.comAs you follow from , he still hasn’t announced his location.

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