Eyes on CTFC Case: This Will Decline the End of Altcoins!

The Commodity Futures Committee (CFTC) uses unorthodox systems related to DAO-focused altcoin projects. The US regulator sued members of a DAO for the first time last week.

CTFC lawsuit will determine the fate of this altcoin project

The Ooki DAO, a community-run project, faces tight control from the US regulator CFTC. According to court documents filed on Tuesday, the Commodity Futures Trading Board (CFTC) used unorthodox methods to file lawsuits against anonymous members of the DAO. The CFTC attorney, who declared the case in an online meeting, is aiming for the tokenization systems of the scheme. Ooki members operate a protocol that offers off-exchange tokenized leverage and lending services.

On September 22, the CFTC attorney sued the Ooki DAO and its members for non-compliance with AML protocols, in an online debate. The lawsuit, announced last week, was the first to be filed by the CFTC against members of a DAO. As such, it will lay a broad foundation for future DAO fixes. Also, charges were filed and settled against two of its founders, who ordered a $250,000 fine against bZeroX, of which Ooki DAO is in the governing group.

Now members of the Ooki DAO face their own lawsuits

The CFTC is seeking liquidation, trading and registration bans, injunctive relief and fines for further violations of the Commodity Exchange Act (CEA). However, the CFTC’s inability to find a member of the DAO to serve the cause suggests that reaching a decision would be more complex than in the case of bZeroX’s founders. A DAO member has approximately 21 days to respond to the lawsuit to avoid a default judgment on the CFTC name.

The CFTC’s alternate service request requests a court in the Northern District of California to authorize its unorthodox formulas for filing complaints and invitations to the Ooki DAO. The motion argues that while no one from the DAO has responded to the CFTC’s requests for contact, Ooki argues that the litigation discussions in the DAO Telegram chat and “the CFTC’s post on the Online Forum regarding the movement have been viewed at least 112 times.”

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