Expert: DOGE Will Fly! Put Your Money In These Coins

Former US congressional candidate David Gokhshtein says the Elon Musk influence will skyrocket the DOGE price again. The crypto phenomenon has taken its reliance on chest coins a step further, saying they are ‘better than Bitcoin’.

“Dogecoin (DOGE) will simply surpass its ATH thanks to Elon Musk”

Gokhshtein recently shared on Twitter his intentions about DOGE and its potential rise. The crypto phenom says that since Elon Musk is now the new owner of Twitter, DOGE will easily get his ATH levels back:

If true from Elon’s tip on Twitter about a possible DOGE implementation yesterday, he’ll easily pass his ATH

However, everything will not be that easy. Gokhshtein adds that he definitely needs this style of news in order for the DOGE price to reach its former highs.

According to CMC data, DOGE is currently trading 82.24% below the ATH price. Gokhshtein says that it is more than Bitcoin for DOGE, which has risen more than 150% after the Twitter news.

“Dogecoin and Shiba Inu benefit investors more than Bitcoin”

Gokhshtein also said that DOGE and SHIB provide more benefits for humans than Bitcoin. In another recent tweet, he stated that 50% of investors he knows are making more money by investing more in Dogecoin and Shiba Inu than Bitcoin (BTC).

Half of the people I know have benefited more from BTC in DOGE and SHIB. I will continue to collect BTC and ETH, but I will continue to diversify my positions.

Gokhshtein particularly supports DOGE and SHIB, and finds “diversification” valuable.

While Gokhshtein has no problem buying Bitcoin and Ethereum, he says he will always diversify his portfolio by purchasing additional cryptocurrencies that have the potential to generate more profits. But he also said that he regretted not buying SHIB with all his money earlier.

Dogecoin whales are waking up As we reported, on November 2, a Dogecoin whale that had been sleeping for about 8 years became active again. The whale carrying $338,000 DOGE moved 2.37 million Dogecoins. Also, since the price has rallied in recent days, the whales are becoming active again. Over the past 48 hours, whales have moved more than 1.1 billion Dogecoins.

On the technical side, the Dogecoin price made a jaw-dropping rally in the last days of October. Technical indicators show that multiple DOGE will continue to rise. Key levels have been defined to determine the next goals of the notorious chest coin. FXStreet analysts identify the next resistance levels for price movements in the chart below. As you follow, Dogecoin is currently trading at $0.13109. More than 65% more expensive than last week.

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