Expert Commentary: These 6 Altcoins Are The Expensive Gems Of November!

According to crypto expert Camille Lemmens, the most pressing question in crypto is, “When is the best time to buy a cryptocurrency?” The expert thinks that November will give opportunities to do so. In this context, the expert shares the ‘gemstone’ altcoin projects he selected for the month of November and explains the reasons.

The first altcoin project on the expert’s list is Immutable X (IMX)

Immutable X (IMX) plunges into a deep dive not so long ago. Now, if you are interested in buying soles, this is your fortune.

Come November 5th, there will be a token unlock event. At least 254,862,617.5 IMX or $148,544,893 will be unlocked. That’s 12,743 percent of the total supply. This is an excellent opportunity to buy cheap IMX. In this form, it is possible to prepare yourself for the next bull run and enjoy the benefits. Note that Disney, Marvel, TikTok, and OpenSea use Immutable X. In addition, the current price of the IMX token is $ 0.582101. But I’m waiting for it to drop.

Second ranked gemstone Aptos (APT)

Aptos is making waves right now. Now we all know about their shaky launches and not-so-smooth tokenomics. I’m more excited for the Aptos ecosystem. Aptos CEO Mo Shaik tweeted that 30 projects have already been launched on Aptos. This is where my focus is.

So what am I trying to do? I especially look at NFT collections. Find a blue chip like InSilva. I’m also trying to get whitelisted on Discord servers of other collections. Or better yet, get an OG role. This allows you to purchase NFTs at a cheaper price prior to their public sale. Twitter is the best place to look for these opportunities.

Third altcoin project Algorand (ALGO)

There are several altcoin projects involved in the World Cup. One of them is Algorand. Official Blockchain sponsor of FIFA. To clarify, it is the governing body that organizes the FIFA World Cup.

Now, as the World Cup is about to begin, it’s possible that ALGO will see a positive price development. As one of the main sponsors, their name will be everywhere. This is one of the largest, if not the largest, sporting event in the world. Thus, many will see the name Algorand for the first time. I expect the price to increase during and after the games. I think many people will receive tokens during or shortly after the game. My plan is to sell ALGO during or shortly after the World Cup.

So there’s a reason Algorand is different in the long run as well. They bought Napster in May. Thus, we pave the way for the music industry to be more fan-friendly. Algorand also likes the vision that Napster puts the artist first.

Chiliz (CHZ), the fourth of the gem altcoin projects

One module of the Chiliz ecosystem is Socios fan tokens. They give weight to football. This means that both CHZ and Socios fan tokens will likely perform adequately before and during the World Cup.

I’m looking at a few of these fan tokens because they’re pumping. Especially in early October. I expect them to take it again during the world cup. Argentina gave a great performance in early October at Socios. If they perform well during WC, it will be bingo. So, watch out for CHZ and all national squad fan tokens for squads to play in Qatar. I’ll buy now and sell during the tournament.

Fifth ‘precious’ Efinity (EFI)

Efinity and its EFI token are another favourite. In this middle EFI has a token unlock activity. On November 4, the second final unlocks will take place. Another 15% of the token supply will be unlocked. That way, only 15% will remain to unlock.

I expect another drop in EFI price. An extraordinary moment to buy EFI at a discounted price.

The latest altcoin project Moonbeam (GLMR)

Moonbeam (GLMR) is in a precedent with IMX. This is one of my favorite tokens. This altcoin project also has a token unlock status. It’s their turn on November 11.

They will unlock 21,682,879.09 GLMR or $10,076,901. But that’s only 2,168% of their total supply. The GLMR token is now less than 40% locked. Subsequently, the current price of the GLMR token is $0.464494. I’m waiting for this to drop too. GLMR’s ATH was $19.50 just 10 months ago. If it goes there, that’s a 42x.

Altcoin selections and claims in the article are the expert’s own views and are strictly not investment advice. As you follow, the crypto market is highly volatile and faceless. So, definitely do your own research for investing and trading.

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