Everyone Is Talking About These 5 Altcoins: They Are The Star Of The Week!

Bitcoin and multiple major altcoins have not had a prominent performance this week. However, some projects marked the week. Casper (CSPR) is up 25 percent on a weekly basis. Trust Wallet Token (TWT) price jumped 12.92 percent. Maker (MKR) rose 12.23 percent, while Toncoin (TON) rose 11.91 percent. Finally, Aave’s (AAVE) weekly performance was around 10 percent. In this article, we will talk about the rise of these coins and the levels determined by analyst Valdrin Tahiri. Here are the details…

The first of the most rising altcoin projects on a weekly basis: Casper (CSPR)

CSPR has been sitting below the $0.039 resistance area since the beginning of May. But after showing a big bullish move, Casper price managed to breakout on October 16th. The next day it reached $0.055. Koindeks.com As we also reported, the Casper price has dropped since then. It confirmed the $0.039 area as reinforcements.

According to the analyst, the daily RSI (relative strength index) is still rising and has not formed a random downtrend now. Therefore, after another potential retest, CSPR price is expected to surge towards the $0.058 resistance area. Levels below $0.39 indicate bearishness.

Next up for Trust Wallet Token (TWT)

TWT price has been sitting below a descending resistance line since September 2021. Currently, the Trust Wallet Token price is in the process of making its fifth exit attempt. As the resistors weaken with each test, a breakout is possible. Also, according to the analyst, the daily RSI is still rising and has not created a random downtrend. If a breakout occurs, the next closest area of ​​resistance will be $1.33 for TWT price. According to the analyst, if the coin goes below $0.90, the uptrend will be invalidated.

What direction does the Maker (MKR) analysis point in?

The MKR has been in the descending wedge since June 2021. The descending wedge is considered a bullish pattern. This means that breaking will be the most likely scenario. Additionally, according to the analyst, the RSI has finally broken out of the bearish trendline. This supports the possibility of price breakout from the wedge. If a breakout occurs, MKR price could rise as high as $1,970. However, a drop below $581 invalidates the bullish view.

Next up for TON

The upper real has been moving since TON bounced off the horizontal support area of ​​$1.25 on Oct. 13. Shortly after, its price broke out of a descending resistance line. If the upward move continues, the nearest resistance area is at the $1.66-1.77 level, where the 0.5-0.618 Fib retracement resistance levels are located. A successful move above this area is expected to push the TON price above $2. However, if it falls below $1.25, the bullish view is invalid.

“C wave” begins in Aave, the last altcoin on the list

AAVE price has been below a descending resistance line since it reached $115.18 on August 13. As a result of the downward movement, it fell to $64.71 on October 13. The subsequent bounce formed a long lower candlestick and confirmed the $72 area as a foothold. Shortly after, AAVE price broke out of a descending resistance line. It is possible that an ABC structure (black) of AAVE price has started wave C, according to the analyst. According to the analyst, there is $135.50 on the upside and $72 on the downside.

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