Elon Musk Can’t Choose This Altcoin, Not DOGE: The Price Has Jumped!

The Dogecoin (DOGE) community got pretty excited after Elon Musk officially took over Twitter. They were so sure that Musk would not forget his beloved dog DOGE that the altcoin price flew in a short time. However, a different altcoin is now named for Twitter integration. Moreover, the price of this altcoin has increased by about 450% in a week.

Crypto exchanges listed MASK, altcoin ramped up!

After Tesla CEO Elon Musk took over Twitter, speculations that he will use crypto as a payment basis have swept the market. This naturally leads to ‘Which cryptocurrencies to choose?’ raised the question. Of course, the first crypto that comes to mind is Dogecoin (DOGE), the chest coin that Elon Musk is a fan of. Later, the names of Binance Coin (BNB) and Mask Network (MASK) were passed.

What made the event interesting here was that several crypto exchanges announced that they listed or released MASK-related works. Is the listing of cryptocurrency exchanges and the price rally that followed a clue? Or is it just a hoax? However, it is impossible to avoid the rumor. Because, there is already a belief in a crypto Twitter that MASK will come to Twitter. Most likely, it is thought that Musk, who admires him, will choose a token identical to his own name.

Crypto exchange FTX has announced that it has listed Mask Network (MASK) spot and perpetual futures. OKX and Bybit also followed up with Binance and FTX to announce the MASK list. In the middle, other crypto exchanges such as MoonXBT, CoinEx, and XT entered the MASK list. Mask Network allows users to send cryptocurrencies from Web3 to social media such as Facebook and Twitter as well as bring tacit and benefits.

Koindeks.com The crypto community is jumping right into a random announcement surrounding the tokens that are expected to be added to Twitter. Elon Musk hinted at promoting Dogecoin (DOGE) on Twitter because he is a Dogecoin fan. All in all, the DOGE price increased by over 130% in one week.

In addition, Binance CEO hinted at the BNB basis for payments on Twitter. Additionally, Binance announced that it has launched the USDⓈ-M Binance Bluebird Index perpetual agreements (BLUEBIRDUSDT Forever Contracts). The cryptocurrency price index tracks cryptocurrencies including BNB, Dogecoin (DOGE) and MASK. Many believe that Elon Musk has a high probability of adding these crypto assets as a payment foothold on Twitter.

DOGE did 130%, MASK did 450%

After Elon Musk’s Twitter debut, the DOGE price increased by over 130% in a week. Now, another altcoin has traveled to the moon with the influence of Twitter. After his name was mentioned with Twitter, Mask Network became the center of attention. MASK prices skyrocketed by about 450% in a week. A week ago, MASK was trading at $0.1. Now it sees the process at $ 5.64.

At the time of this writing, MASK price is trading at $5.64, up 41.5% in the last 24 hours. In addition, the process volume increased over 85% in one day. However, we must remember that these are only speculations. Therefore, investing without research is necessarily risky.

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