DOGE and Cryptocurrency Statement from Binance CEO: Coming!

Binance CEO CZ proposes Twitter’s “Binance Pay” app for cryptocurrency payments. Previously, he recommended the use of all cryptocurrencies except DOGE and BNB Coin.

Binance CEO says DOGE and other cryptocurrencies are coming

CZ says Binance Pay would be the most viable option in Elon Musk’s search for Twitter payments. With the acquisition of Twitter by Tesla and SpaceX CEO, the social media platform entered a new period. Not only Elon, Binance CEO CZ and Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin also want to support the platform. Binance previously allocated $ 500 million to Elon Musk’s $ 44 billion Twitter purchase with the aim of expanding the branch. CZ now plans to more comprehensively integrate its exchange’s services into Twitter. In an interview today at Web Summit 2022, he shared his intentions:

It’s easy to support a dozen to several hundred cryptocurrencies as payment. We already have an analytics that does this: Binance Equity.

“Binance Equity allows customers to pay businesses with whatever cryptocurrency or fiat currency they want. Binance handles the conversion to the chosen payment method for the branch at no additional cost.” Following these words, CZ “further” said about Dogecoin:

(Elon Musk) talked about Dogecoin, got quotes for tweets, got quotes for comments, got quotes for blue ticks, I think that’s all coming.

CZ says he may join Twitter’s governing council

When asked to be offered a board of directors membership at the company’s headquarters, Zhao said he was willing to join the Twitter governing council if Musk asked him out. Still, he’s a little hesitant as he’s too busy with Binance business.

Changpeng Zhao hinted that he was willing to join Twitter’s board of directors after Elon Musk invested $500 million in the Twitter deal. However, he adds that Elon Musk will reveal some rules. Speaking at a tech conference in Portugal, CZ hinted at Twitter’s willingness to join its board of directors. He added that Elon Musk is still making decisions about the members of the governing council.

But CZ says, “If Musk asks me to do it, I probably will.” Binance previously poured reinforcements on Elon Musk to buy Twitter. He stated that there are very strong reasons for continuing to invest in this agreement. CZ states that he is a big supporter of freedom of expression. This was the main reason why Binance decided to invest $500 million in the Twitter deal. Koindeks.comAs you follow, Elon Musk says that the reason he bought Twitter is to ‘help humanity’.

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