Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology: Metaverse Platform is Coming!

Turkey continues its breakthroughs in the field of Blockchain and Metaverse. The latest announcement on this issue came from the Ministry of Industry and Technology. Accordingly, Deputy Minister Mehmet Fatih Kaçır made valuable statements at the Eurasia Blockchain Submit event. Kaçır announced that Turkey’s Blockchain and Metaverse platform has been built.

“Blockchain and Metaverse Platform is coming”

Eurasia Blockchain Submit started on October 8, 2022. Mehmet Fatih Kaçar, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology, made the opening speech of the event. Accordingly, Kaçır talked about Turkey’s long-term goals of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. In his speech, the Deputy Minister especially praised the youth living in Turkey. Indicating that young people are very interested in this field, Kaçır said that they are working on new technologies such as Metaverse as a ministry.

Stating that they want to support innovations and enterprises in the field of blockchain in Turkey, the deputy minister also talked about their strategic steps. Accordingly, the Ministry of Industry and Technology aims to develop Turkey’s Blockchain infrastructure. However, Kaçır also states that the ministry will support the construction of a project called Digital Technologies Platform in the future. This project is aimed to provide reinforcement for new technologies such as Blockchain, Metaverse and crypto money in Turkey.

“Work continues on the digital Turkish lira”

Explaining the details about the Digital Technologies Platform, Kaçır also announced that the Turkey Blockchain and Metaverse platform will be built within the scope of this project. He also said that this platform will support a relationship between universities and private branch. Explaining that there are various projects under the leadership of TÜBİTAK, the deputy minister announced that TÜBİTAK continues to work on the development of Blockchain technology. Subsequently, he said the following about the Digital Turkish Lira project, which is planned to be a CBDC:

It has been almost 5 years since TÜBİTAK established the Blockchain research laboratory. This laboratory takes a critical role in the Digital Turkish Lira project. Accordingly, they are building the cryptological structure of the digital lira and the Blockchain infrastructure. It’s not just TÜBİTAK. The Digital Turkish Lira project continues under the leadership of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey with the contributions of Havelsan and Aselsan. This project holds invaluable potential for Blockchain technology. In addition, it has the quality of setting an example for other countries.

Ministry of Transport partnered with this Metaverse project

Turkey continues to be a market that attracts the attention of investors in virtual reality. The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Turkey shared a tweet on Twitter that bets Metaverse. As we have reported, the ministry has announced that it will support the development of a Turkey-based platform called Metavision. However, Sandbox, a well-known virtual reality game, recently announced that it wants to enter the Turkish market.

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