Cryptocurrency Terror in Turkey: Shot His Friend!

A great event took place in Istanbul due to the crypto currency debate. In Pendik, Istanbul, a person shot his friend. The reason is the discussions due to cryptocurrency trading. Here are the details…

Shot his friend because of crypto money

In Pendik, Istanbul, one of the two friends arguing over cryptocurrencies shot someone else. In the incident that took place around 00.30 at night, Ahmet A. went to the residence of his friend, Metin U., with whom he traded crypto. Then they had an argument. After the discussion, Metin U. shot his friend with the gun he was carrying with him. Afterwards, Ahmet A. was covered in blood. Metin U. went to the balcony of the house and asked for help from the people around.

After asking for help, Metin U. shot himself with the same gun. The police, who came to the scene after the notice of the people around, took security measures. Health teams took Ahmet A. and Metin U. to the hospital. Both are currently in danger of life. Both people were hospitalized with serious injuries.

Cryptocurrencies are very popular in Turkey.

As it is known, cryptocurrencies, which are quite well-known in Turkey, can sometimes be the main issue in such sad news. As we have previously reported, price drops in the market often negatively affect the psychology of investors. Therefore, with the tension caused by the loss in the market, they may be resorting to crime. The market is now at a very low point. Cryptocurrencies in particular are having a tough week as they face a financial crisis that resulted in one of the world’s most recognizable crypto trading exchanges, FTX, filing for bankruptcy protection.

These weeks are tough for crypto investors

On Tuesday, November 8, FTX clients began mass withdrawing their crypto holdings from the platform. The exchange had to pause withdrawals as it ran out of liquid cash to cover fund transfers, and Binance subsequently offered to save FTX’s customers by buying the entire platform. This complex turn of events led to massive price drops across the entire cryptocurrency branch as investors saw one of the most reputable platforms in the business on the brink of bankruptcy. Binance also canceled its purchase offer after examining the financial health of the platform in more detail.

The crypto segment was shaken to its core by the sudden collapse of a major trading system. Some headlines have compared the meltdown of FTX to the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy of 2008, which introduced fundamental changes to banking regulations and introduced various economic stimulus clauses. Following the development, Bitcoin declined to levels not seen in the last two years. Subsequently, the price of many coins also fell. As it is known, the market tends to follow the movement of Bitcoin.

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