Cryptocurrency Murder in Turkey: Killed His 60-Year-Old Wife!

Zafer Zeybek, who stabbed his wife to death in Manisa, was caught. Zeybek admitted that his misdemeanor was due to the crypto money investments he recorded.

Killed his wife of 60 years because of crypto money

Zafer Zeybek (65), who stabbed his wife to death in Manisa yesterday, was caught after the murder, upon the notification of his neighbor. It turned out that Zeybek invested a large amount of money on the cryptocurrency exchange. To the word of the police, they argued with his wife for this reason. Zeybek later admitted to committing murder.

The incident occurred yesterday evening at around 22:45 in the Kırçal apartment on Avni Gemicioğlu Street in Peker Mahallesi. Huriye Zeybek, his wife of 60 years, was stabbed by Zafer Zeybek during their argument. The unfortunate lady died after being stabbed in her abdomen. Zafer Zeybek, the manager of the apartment, took the documents about the apartment to his upstairs neighbor after the incident.

Zafer Zeybek’s neighbor saw that his clothes were bloody and became suspicious of his actions. Upon reporting the incident to the police, the police and health teams were sent to the flat. Police groups caught Zafer Zeybek at the scene. The health groups that migrated found Huriye Zeybek’s lifeless body. While Zafer Zeybek was taken into custody, the lifeless body of his wife was taken to the morgue of Manisa Merkezefendi State Hospital.

Why the debate was cryptocurrencies

The reason for the discussion emerged with the promise given by Zafer Zeybek, who was arrested after the murder, to the police station. According to Zeybek’s word, they had an argument with his wife, who opposed him to invest a large amount of money in the cryptocurrency exchange. Zeybek lost himself and killed his wife Huriye Zeybek with a knife. Zafer Zeybek was transferred after his processes at the police station. Later, he was arrested by the on duty Criminal Judgeship of Peace and sent to prison.

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