Cryptocurrency Defense in the Secret Incident in Turkey!

Sedefnur Çağlar, a senior student of the Faculty of Architecture at Kocaeli University, started the trial regarding her injury as a result of falling/pushing from the balcony of her friend’s residence. Ahmet Cet, the boyfriend of Çağlar, who made a defense regarding the incident, stated that he lost money on crypto currency exchanges and made a suicide thesis.

Cryptocurrency detail in the so-called suicide attempt

The murders, attacks and harassment of women are unfortunately an important problem in Turkey. In an incident that took place in the last few days, there is an important injury, although not dead. However, the veil of secrecy has not been completely lifted from the incident. Now, the problem of cryptocurrencies has been included in the event. As you follow, unfortunately, losses as a result of crypto investment can drive people to suicide. However, this event has many different dimensions. The incident we are talking about is the ongoing lawsuit regarding the injury of Sedefnur Çağlar, 23, a senior student at Kocaeli University Faculty of Architecture. In the incident, Sedefnur Çağlar was injured by falling from the balcony of her friends’ house on the 7th floor.

However, after the incident, her boyfriend Ahmet Cet, who was a police officer, was arrested as part of the investigation. The trial started today. In order to strengthen the argument that the incident was a suicide attempt, the defendant Ahmet Cet started his defense by stating that Sedefnur had attempted suicide twice before. Cet put forward the argument that “He jumped down once he got to the balcony”.

Ahmet Cet suggested that there are psychological factors underlying the suicide argument. He claimed that material disasters had an effect on these spiritual matters. In addition, he claimed that Çağlar started to be interested in the crypto money exchange as a cure for his financial burdens. She said that Sedefnur Çağlar later lost money on cryptocurrency exchanges. Cet said, “It started with 10-20 dollars at first. However, he later lost his housing rent, electricity, water natural gas bills on the cryptocurrency exchange,” he said. Therefore, he mentioned that he had an argument with his girlfriend, that he was angry with her and that Çağlar apologized to him. Defendant Ahmet Cet stated in his defense that he was also interested in the cryptocurrency exchange. However, he said it was for investment purposes.

The court received the parties’ demands and adjourned the case to 19 January.

The lawyers of the accused Ahmet Ata claimed that Sedefnur Çağlar had mental burdens. For this reason, he claimed that Çağlar had gone to the hospital many times for mental reasons before the incident. He asked the court to request hospital records to verify this. However, Sedefnur Çağlar’s lawyer said that Çağlar, who is disabled, began to interpret herself. Therefore, he requested that a delegation going to his residence take his word and be included in the case. The court board, on the other hand, decided with a majority of votes to continue the detention of the accused Ahmet Ata. In addition, it adjourned the case to 19 January.

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