Cryptocurrency Assumptions from 8 Experts: What’s Happening This Week?

Bitcoin (BTC) has dropped 22 percent in the seven-day period leading up to Sunday. Cryptocurrency experts are evaluating a “bad year” for the cryptocurrency industry hit by FTX. Cryptocurrency markets are scrambling to price the outlook for possible policy implications. As, we convey the comments of the experts to you.

Experts share their views on the cryptocurrency markets

FundStrat crypto strategy lead Sean Farrell is one of the people who commented on the issue. Regarding the FTX crisis, Farrell has this to say:

In the past 6 months, we have witnessed the unraveling of a leverage network that has circulated the cryptocurrency space. The problems started with the LUNA/UST. Then we faced bankruptcy at 3AC. We see that SBF is now bankrupt. It is possible that it may cause a selling pressure. With panic, people can take action.

BitBull Capital CEO Joe DiPasquale draws attention to the impact of the event on the declines in the crypto market, especially Bitcoin:

The last few days have seen the field shaken by the collapse of FTX. As expected, BTC and cryptocurrencies took a hit due to weak sentiment, while classical markets showed some strength. The extent of the damage to other companies, funds, stock markets is now unknown. Developments on these may come out in the coming days. As before, we believe that BTC below $20,000 is a long-term accumulation. But we are also cautious until the current situation is satisfactorily resolved and vulnerability begins to return to normal. Notably, the last few days have seen a significant drop in foreign exchange reserves for BTC and stablecoins. This shows a lack of trust and prevalence as a result. As a positive indicator, we will be following the signs of the return of faith in the midst of the masses.

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase’s institutional research leader says BTC will drop further

Coinbase institutional research leader David Duong pointed out that the crisis affected the BTC price the most. In addition, Duong claims that the Bitcoin price will decline further and says:

The relative crypto market stability of recent months has been interrupted. Despite some positive macro developments for cryptocurrencies as a whole, the broader market has witnessed instability. The counterparties may have lent or interacted with FTX or Alameda. What exactly these debts are, we don’t know now. BTC may not only test the lows of 2022 again, but may touch the $13,000 level. We think there is a foothold at $13,500.

The coming weeks are important for the crypto market

In the comments made by Arcane Research, attention is drawn to the complexity of the situation. He states that all the events experienced will be shaped in the coming period:

It’s a mess. One of the biggest crypto companies in the sector has played with their customers’ money. It’s embarrassing for Dal. However, at the same time, all these events showed us how unsystematic it is still. The contagion from the collapse will undoubtedly improve in the coming weeks.

Galaxy Digital: The destruction caused by the collapse cannot be underestimated

Galaxy Digital, of which Mike Novogratz is the CEO, states that FTX has caused a significant loss to the stock market. In the statements made, especially large amounts of lost crypto money were discussed:

It is possible for FTX victims who still have funds stuck in the exchange to face a lengthy legal process. While a few firms proactively and publicly offer some degree of transparency about their exposure to FTX, the entire industry is unknown at this time… Enormous amounts of money are at stake or lost. But the impact of FTX’s collapse is magnified by the exchange’s extensive marketing efforts and Sam Bankman-Fried’s prominence. The extremes of decadence cannot be underestimated. Also, there will be long-term ripple effects for cryptocurrency politics in Washington.

Companies affiliated with FTX are in danger!

Liquidity service provider GSR commented on weekly cryptocurrencies as follows:

It is really sad that the year 2022 is not about the potential of cryptocurrencies, but rather about leverage, greed, fraud and lack of transparency. There are cases where individuals involved have blamed TradFi and spoken word of change.

In a statement published by Pantera Capital, the following terms were included:

In the short term, it will have painful consequences for those who lose their funds held on FTX’s exchange. More generally, we expect more price volatility in the crypto ecosystem as contagion horrors lead crypto holders to adjust their portfolios. In contact with FTX, Solana and the projects built on it, Aptos etc. in the middle of those most likely to be affected. Some retail users who were losing money chose to leave this space. The result will likely be a decline in adoption. Users who join earlier are afraid to wait. We expect institutions that were previously wary of this area to deepen their suspicions.

Cryptocurrency analyst shared his expectation for BTC price

The crypto strategist, who claimed the collapse of Bitcoin last year, made a new comment. The analyst believes that BTC can handle even the most negative developments. The analyst, known as Dave the Wave, shared his expectation with his 130,200 followers on his Twitter account. Crypto markets are in trouble after crypto exchange FTX filed for bankruptcy.

However, the analyst also reminds his followers that Bitcoin has managed to stay in a long-term uptrend:

One of the positives is that the speculative instinct has a short memory. This situation is no longer worried, it is now greedy markets tend to dominate. Do not underestimate the speculative situation underlying the BTC market, as reflected in the LGC (logarithmic growth curve), which, according to translation, shows its capacity to receive the most dire news and movements.

The analyst drew attention to this oscillator

He also points out that Bitcoin’s price and logarithmic moving average divergence (LMACD) indicator is showing a bullish trend on the weekly chart. The LMACD indicator is designed to reveal changes in a cryptocurrency’s trend, strength and momentum.

Weekly BTC bullish divergence. A bullish divergence occurs when prices fall to a new low when an oscillator fails to reach a new low. As a result, this shows that the bears are losing strength and the bulls are ready to control the market again. Subsequently, a mostly bullish divergence marks the end of the downtrend.

Dave the Wave highlights that even amid the disaster caused by FTX, Bitcoin remains at accumulation levels:

If you look at the BTC macro context, the volatile price remained in the buy zone throughout the entire FTX-triggered fiasco.

Bitcoin is currently trading at $16,773.66, up 0.6 percent in the last 24 hours.

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