Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Statement from President Erdogan!

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan gave explanations about crypto money and Blockchain technology at the “Blokzincir Istanbul” event today.

Cryptocurrency statement from President Erdogan

Speaking at the “Blockchain Istanbul” event organized by the AKP Information and Liaison Technologies Presidency in Istanbul, President Erdoğan said that Turkey wants to have an active role in the fields of crypto money and Blockchain:

Progress has also been made in the field of cryptocurrencies. The decentralized possibilities of this technology, which has made great progress in the last 10 years, have the potential to radically change the current commercial system. Alternative business systems, which are newly developed in this field and which our ears are not accustomed to, began to enter our lives gradually. With the collateralization of digital contents over the blockchain, a new phase has been entered in the process. ‘Digital assets are the fuel of technology, Blockchain is the vehicle’. The main issue that makes the wide range of activities of this technology, from food supply to banks, from logistics to works of art, attractive is its ability to process fast, efficient, reliable and low-cost. It is clear that we cannot ignore such a potential while preparing for the Turkish century. We want to be the country that uses this tool more than fueling the digital asset store. Instead of trying to take part in the virtual universes that others have opened, we personally seek to establish our own universe. Our aim in this field is not the consumer, but the designer, the producer, the maker; is to reach the position of being followed, not a follower.

The President also stated that the CBRT continues its work in the field of crypto money. He shared that other ministries are conducting research in the field of Blockchain technology.

A study on crypto money is being carried out within our central bank. Our other ministries also follow this technology closely in their own areas of responsibility. We are also closely monitoring the attacks of our special department in the field of Blockchain. We will continue to implement new projects in this area. Our aim with this event is to ensure that all the administrative, technical and strategic aspects of Blockchain technology are discussed in a way that sheds light on our internal branches.

Erdogan puts technology at the forefront over ‘gambling’

In the last part of his statements, Erdoğan urged Turkish youth to take part in studies related to Blockchain technology instead of cryptocurrencies:

Instead of turning to our young people to crypto money gambling with no support; I advise them to take part in the development of innovative technologies such as blockchain and turn to larger and more fertile channels.

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