Crypto Whale Surprises Everyone: Bitcoin In 4 Months…

The leading crypto Bitcoin (BTC) has been following a lifeless course with sideways movement for a while. He made an attack today and got back the $20,000 spiritual level. However, it remains to be seen whether it will continue to do so. In the middle, a well-known crypto analyst argues that Bitcoin has hit the bottom. In line with this, he says that the start of a bull run for BTC is imminent.

“Bitcoin under $20,000 is a gift!” As you follow, president crypto has been struggling around 19 thousand dollars for a long time. However, Bitcoin threw itself above the $20,000 resistance with a successful attack today. The analyst, nicknamed Kaleo, tells his 536,100 Twitter followers that this will continue. The analyst states that the opportunity to buy BTC below $ 20,000 will not last long. In this context, Kaleo makes the following statement:

Under $20,000 Bitcoin is a treat. We’ve said this before. Three plus the month of Christmas is more than enough. Send it quickly.

Using the opposite price charts, the analyst compares Bitcoin’s bottom period in 2018 to that of last year. According to Kaleo, both cycles are very similar. As a result, this shows that BTC has essentially hit the bottom. It also supports the idea that a bull run is imminent. In support of these views, the recognized analyst additionally notes:

Let me just make a reminder. I still believe the base point has arrived. Here’s another look at the 2017 ATH cycle versus the 2021 ATH (all-time high) cycle. Ascension is a problem.

Source: Kaleo / Twitter

Kaleo sees $35,000 in its sphere in the next 4 months

The analyst then approaches the Bitcoin price from a shorter time frame. From this point of view, Kaleo notes that BTC is showing strength by using an old downside resistance level as a basis. “Nice little jump in retesting,” he explains.

Source: Kaleo / Twitter

The crypto whale also points to the correlation between Bitcoin’s price and the amid halvings where block rewards are halved. Because this theoretically creates a supply shock in BTC. According to traders, BTC’s current price action is historically consistent with previous market cycles. Looking at its chart, Kaleo predicts a rally to around $35,000 in the next four months. He explains his prediction as follows:

If you believe in the BTC halving cycle, you have to remember that a long period of volatility in the bear market floor range is perfectly normal. Look from afar. Patience pays off.

Source: Kaleo / Twitter

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