Crypto Billionaire Launches Funds For This Altcoin!

Cryptocurrency billionaire Mark Cuban continues to underpin altcoin projects. In this context, Blocto, a Cuban-powered crypto wallet, launched the Aptos Ecosystem Fund of 3 million dollars. Blocto intends to use the Aptos Ecosystem Fund to financially support mutually beneficial projects.

Aptos move from Blocto, based on cryptocurrency billionaire Mark Cuban As you follow, the name of billionaire Mark Cuban is frequently encountered in the crypto money market. Now de Cuban-powered crypto wallet Blocto has announced a $3 million Aptos Ecosystem Fund.

Blocto, a multi-chain wallet, aims to help new Aptos users affiliate. In this direction, it will provide a financial basis for the projects. In addition, it will use it to support exceptional ideas after they reach the “user acquisition stage”. Hsuan Lee, co-founder and CEO of Blocto, made the following statement about the integration with Aptos:

As a company, we were looking for promising blockchain ecosystems with long-term potential. In this process, Aptos caught our attention. It aims to make blockchain accessible to average users. At Blocto this is a big focus for us. Also, Aptos has gained a lot of momentum in the developer community even in the current market situation.

“Those who work in a bear market will make a difference in a bull market”

The statement also pointed out that only a select few from the Aptos team have access to Blocto’s ‘internal and external investor base and financial marketing support’. Mo Shaikh, co-founder and CEO of Aptos, also shared his views on the subject. According to Shaikh, Blocto’s integration into the Aptos ecosystem will improve this environment for the community.

In this middle, Blocto CEO Hsuan Lee also commented on the launch. Regarding this bet, Lee said:

Many of the Blockto team have actually been in the Web3 industry for several years. We know that this strong bear market is the best time to create and develop artifacts in preparation for the next wave of crypto adoption. Historically, these projects, which continue to thrive in declines, make the most impact when things turn upside down.

The introduction of the fund came quickly after Blocto’s recent integration with Aptos. This is according to reports, more than 300,000 people created an Aptos wallet within the first week.

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