Critical Notice From Binance CEO: Stay Away From This Altcoin!

Binance CEO CZ said in the latest statements that investors should stay away from FTX Token (FTT).

Binance CEO says FTX Token is high risk

A memo that CZ sent to Binance employees in all countries has surfaced today. CZ wants his team to stay away from the FTT token for the duration of the agreement to buy FTX. Binance CEO stated that everyone can continue to hold FTT throughout the process, but trading can be dangerous. In a note to CZ employees, he said:

While due diligence continues, I want to remind everyone: don’t do it with FTT.

CZ also revealed earlier this week that Binance is considering selling FTT in light of recent disclosures. This caused concern, resulting in a further decline in the price of FTT. As you follow, new reports say that the CEO of FTX contacted CZ in the midst of the crisis. SBD sought support from Binance for its liquidity crisis exchange.

Current circumstances have also had a valuable impact on SBF’s billionaire status. Located in the middle of the 500 most powerful people in the world, Sam Bankman-Fried lost more than 93% of his net worth.

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