Crisis in Recognized Altcoin: Nodes Shut Down, Offline!

An altcoin project that has crashed frequently since last year is again in the dark. Now, a cloud service provider bans node operators. 40% of nodes went offline.

Node crisis in this altcoin project

Solana (SOL) defined itself as a powerful network of decentralized censorship. But it largely depends on cloud services. Yesterday, one of Solana’s mainnet providers decided to discontinue Solana node operators. It took all nodes offline.

Hetzner Online GmbH, one of the network’s largest node operators, has shut down more than 1,000 Solana nodes overnight. Thanks to other cloud services, many of the operators are now operating normally. However, there is no guarantee that a similar event will not occur in the future.

The decision to shut down one of the largest node operators, Hetzner Online GmbH, was close to crashing the network. A total of 39% of the network share must be lost for Solana’s consensus assembly to stop. Together with Hetzner, 20% of the total share of the network disappeared. Had the company’s other two major providers, AWS and Equinix, joined, 65% of Solana’s stake would have disappeared.

Hetzner had signaled that he would make such an attack.

Hetzner abruptly took the node operators offline without any warning. However, the company’s stance towards Blockchain networks was well known earlier this year. A company spokesperson confirmed in a Reddit post that the network provider is not allowed to run nodes in Hetzner bandwidth:

The random, even tangential, mining-related use of our products is prohibited. This includes Ethereum. It includes PoS and PoW and related applications. It includes trade. It is valid for all our works except collocation. Even if you only run one node, we consider it a violation of our Rules of Service.

Comment from discussion Hetzner_OL’s comment from discussion “is it allowed to run a crypto blockchain node?”.

The above statement did not reach all Solana node operators. This situation could have been avoided in advance if the node operators had been warned in advance. The Solana node outage was a major caveat, even if it did not cause permanent damage to the network. The altcoin project has been constantly interrupted since last year. The most recent was the 1-hour outage in early June.

Solana network outages As we have reported, the Solana network was down for an hour on June 1st. During the process, validators on the Solana network did not process new blocks for at least four and a half hours yesterday. This occurred because the validators were unable to reach consensus and therefore the network stopped and failed to register new processes.

As a result, apps based on the Solana network, one of Solana’s main use cases, have been taken offline. Its price has lost over 10% in this period. The last node crisis did not have such an impact.

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