Consulting Giant: This Altcoin Will Be Solana of 2022!

Smart contract platform Solana (SOL) rose 9,000% in 2021. As such, it was in the midst of the best performing cryptocurrencies of 2021. Investors now expect Ethereum (ETH) to perform in the coming years as it raises the one-to-one potential to Merge. But there is another altcoin that is much closer to doing this than the consulting giant Motley Fool.

“This altcoin has the potential to be Solanas of 2022”

Due to the Merge upgrade, many crypto investors expect Ethereum (ETH) to be one of the most profitable projects. As we reported, Ethereum switched to Proof-of-Stake with the Merge upgrade. Thus, it reduced the power usage of its network by 99.95%. But consulting giant Motley Fool says Polygon, its layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum, is closer to this rise. According to the company, Polygon (MATIC) has the potential to be the Solana of 2022.

Polygon makes processes on Blockchain cheaper and faster for users. It works with Ethereum for this. Ethereum has been the chairman altcoin ecosystem for the past few years. Due to this popularity, the network is grappling with a variety of bottlenecks. Occlusions cause network slowdowns and gas prices to skyrocket. This is where Polygon comes into play. Project processes process in its own network and add them to Ether. Thus, by putting Ethereum in order, it provides a very good experience to its users.

Ethereum needs Polygon

Ethereum developers plan to work “synergically” with projects like Polygon to “continue reducing network congestion and increasing processes per second.” By doing this, it aims to serve the requirements of Ethereum Web 3.0. Before Merge, many analysts said that layer-2 analyzes such as Polygon and Optimism would no longer be needed. But apparently this is not the case.

With Web 3.0, the internet will be completely decentralized, permissionless and completely open source. In order for Ethereum to achieve this goal, it needs to increase the process speeds drastically. Even Sharding, which is expected to happen next year, will result in Ethereum being able to do 1,280 processes per second only. In the middle, Polygon can currently handle about 7,000 processes. Accordingly, Ethereum will continue to need solutions like Polygon to optimize the user experience.

Polygon (MATIC) attracts the attention of big companies

We are in the middle of a brutal crypto winter. However, the layer-2 altcoin project is busy developing itself further this year. Polygon is partnering with some of the world’s most renowned companies as its technology becomes more sought-after. Altcoin has signed with Coca Cola, Meta and Walt Disney in the last three months. Coca Cola published a series of NFTs on Polygon in August.

Meta has decided to add Polygon-based NFTs to their Facebook and Instagram social media platforms. Finally, Disney has included MATIC in its Accelerator Program. This is a venture capital program that partners with promising companies to realize Disney’s vision. The altcoin isn’t about to stop anytime soon. Therefore, it is likely to make huge profits in the future. Just like Solana did last year.

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