Confusion: This Altcoin Account Has Been Suspended!

The Twitter account of the Ethereum Classic project has been embroiled in controversy. Charles Hoskinson, the man behind the case, consulted with the community to find out what was going on. Meanwhile, the altcoin price is trading around 5% in the green.

Cardano founder asked what’s going on in altcoin project

Bob Summerwill, one of the ETC executives, recently announced the suspension of the main Ethereum Classic Twitter account. The incident remains unclear as Twitter hasn’t offered any random details about its cause. To put the community at ease, Summerwill wrote on Twitter:

I suspect it’s probably an automatic false positive action. Nothing controversial has been published. I appealed. I don’t suspect anyone has reported this

One of those who noticed the event was Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson.

Charles Hoskinson wrote on Twitter after hearing the news:

This came to my table a short time ago. Is ETC’s Twitter account really suspended?

“I’m sure they’ll get an email with 70 paragraphs,” Hoskinson mocked at the offer to apply to get the account back.

Behind the ban is Charles Hoskinson

In the middle, Charles Hoskinson switched the official Twitter account of ETC to that of a project called Ergo (ERG) in early October. At that time, the account had more than 670,000 followers. ETC followers suddenly find themselves in Ergo (ERG). On top of that, Twitter suspended the modified official account of Ethereum Classic.

Hoskinson responded to the development on Twitter. He pointed out that the account may lose all of its more than 670 thousand followers. On the other hand, the community is outraged by Hoskinson for renaming the main ETC account to Ergo. A member of the community harshly asked Hoskinson to explain whether he would return the account to the Ethereum Classic team in a post he made.

Hoskinson, on the other hand, said in his reply that he was the real owner of the account. For this reason, he said that they could not get back the millions of dollars and years they spent. Ethereum Classic has amassed over 600,000 followers since July 2016. The account is currently used as the community page for Ergo. Koindeks.comAs you follow, Hoskinson previously described Ethereum Classic as a “dead project with no purpose”.

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