Coinbase May List These 2 Altcoins: Prices Soaked!

Coinbase is adding 2 new altcoin projects to its roadmap as part of Solana (SOL) staking. The effect of the announcement on prices reached double digits.

Coinbase listing news blows these 2 altcoin projects

The US-based cryptocurrency exchange decided to list for Marinade (MNDE) and Marinade Staked SOL (MSOL). MNDE is the administrative token of Marinade, a DAO operating on the Solana network. At the same time, the stake is based on mSOL, a SOL derivative token representing SOL. MNDE and MSOL are currently preparing the Coinbase listing. But the announcement is already triggering double-digit rallies.

MNDE and MSOL skyrocketed after news of the listing

MDNE gained more than 52% at one point following the announcement. It is currently trading at $ 0.06848. In the last 24-hour period, it gained a strong momentum of 346.37%. However, it is currently correcting around 18% as traders continue to take profits at higher levels.

MSOL, a Solana-based staking token, has been on the decline in recent days. Coinbase had the opportunity to recover from the $ 28,600 region after the news. MSOL is currently trading at $29.68. Compared to the last 24 hours, it has lost about 4.5% in price.

This year, Coinbase created a new roadmap to increase transparency and reduce the possibility of front-running listing announcements. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong stated that he aims to list as many cryptocurrencies as possible as long as they follow the rules of the exchange:

There’s a precedent for Amazon or something like that where an item can have three or five stars, but if it always starts getting one star, it’s probably invalid, defective, or something else, and Amazon will presumably remove it. If not, you should leave it to the market to decide what those items are.

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