Coinbase and Binance List This ‘300x Expected’ Altcoin!

The 31st project of Binance Launchpool is listed on Coinbase. It had earned over 300x by following a route similar to STEPN (GMT) from previous projects.

Binance-backed altcoin is also on Coinbase’s list

Hashflow (HFT) was the 31st project of Binance’s investment platform, Binance Launchpool. Altcoin is now trading on Coinbase, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. Hashflow is a DEX platform that connects traders with professional market makers. According to Coinbase’s announcement, HNT processes started as of 17:00 today. For now, users can only trade with the HFT-USD pair.

The bar is over 300x for Hashflow due to the STEPN (GMT) example

STEPN (GMT), the 28th project of Binance Launchpool, has earned over 350x price shortly after it went on sale earlier this year. Its price rose from $0.1 to $4 in a short time. It is now preparing to be listed on HFT exactly on major exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase.

Hashflow (HFT) has fluctuated over 1,500% today after it went live on both Bianance and Coinbase. Due to the high volatility, it makes sharp movements exceeding 100% in hourly timeframes. It is currently trading at 54.82 percent below its peak of $2.58 after being listed on Coinbase. The HFT token will likely continue to see higher volatility for a while.

Koindeks.comWe have provided all the details you need to know about Hashflow (HFT) in this article.

How does Hashflow differ from other altcoins?

Hashflow moves pricing functions outside of the Blockchain. Investors and users can briefly benefit from the following features:

  • More adequate prices: Off-chain pricing leads to tighter quotes. This gives traders more bang for their buck.
  • Zero slip: All Hashflow offers are executed at the displayed price.
  • MEV Resistance: Cryptographic signatures make front work impossible. Traders can keep their winnings.
  • Bridgeless cross-chain swaps: Traders can make hassle-free crosschain processes within minutes without the need for external bridges, while enjoying all the benefits from the top.

Also, many DEXs rely on automated market makers (AMMs) to enable trading of tokens. But AMMs are capital inefficient. They routinely introduce many security vulnerabilities. Hashflow solves these problems by using a request for quotation (RFQ) model to allow professional market makers to manage their liquidity pools. In turn, traders and liquidity providers (LPs) gain enhanced efficiency, security and access to artifacts that were previously impossible in DeFi.

In this middle, 6.75% of the HFT supply is distributed to the first users who buy Hashflow NFTs. These NFTs are rewards for early adoption, frequent use, and exceptional contributions to the ecosystem. NFT holders can claim up to 30,000 HFT over TGE for each wallet holding NFT. After that, all wallets with NFTs with a total remaining value exceeding 30,000 HFTs will be able to request balances according to the following schedule:

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