CIA and Mossad Confused by Tweet: This Altcoin Founder Drowns!

Nicolai Arcadie Muchgian, co-founder of MakerDAO, one of the popular altcoin projects, passed away in Puerto Rico. It was stated that the 29-year-old cryptocurrency developer was drifted by sea currents on the Condado coast. He was subsequently reported to have died in the early hours of Friday. However, some of his tweets before the event leave some question marks behind his death. Here are the details…

The last tweet of the co-founder of the altcoin project raised a question mark

Muchgian’s mysterious death came after he tweeted about the sex trade and blackmail gang, the CIA and the Mossad. Muchgian mentioned in his tweet that “the CIA and Mossad and some pedophile elites are preparing a sex trade trap”. “They do this by blackmail in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Islands,” he continued, noting that he would be charged with “a laptop that his ex-girlfriend, who is an agent, gave him.” He ended his tweet by saying, “They will torment me on his death.”

Muchgian tweeted several times about the death threats and sophisticated attempts by the CIA and the above-mentioned groups. It is unclear what contact the cryptocurrency developer has with clusters. In a tweet on his personal account, Muchgian referred to him as “a threat to the central banking cartel”. However, for many crypto money projects, the assumption of “threat to the central bank” is made.

Muchgian’s contributions to the ecosystem

Little is known about Muchgian. Especially in the cryptocurrency community. However, Muchgian’s personal website shows that he has contributed heavily to several blockchain projects, including MakerDAO and BitShares. The website also reveals that the cryptocurrency developer has about seven ongoing projects. Some of the projects include Manaflow, which is described as an “alternative to sharding” and Rico, which is a uniquely designed DAI fork with a reference price calculator.

Another person from the crypto ecosystem died in Puerto Rico

Last year, Mircea Popescu, a well-known Bitcoin investor in the cryptocurrency community, also drowned off the coast of Puerto Rico. In addition, As we have also reported, the famous software developer and cryptocurrency investor John McAfee passed away in the past years. McAfee’s death did not occur in Puerto Rico, but in prison in Spain.

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