Cardano Inventor: Not ETH, This Altcoin Will Change the World!

Cardano (ADA) founder Charles Hoskinson shared a message of nine tweets today. He pointed out the hostility of many in the Ethereum community towards Cardano. Here are the details…

Cardano founder Hoskinson criticizes hostile behavior towards the network

Charles Hoskindon believes there is unnecessary hostility in the cryptocurrency space. Hoskinson, who especially drew attention to the comments from the Ethereum community to Cardano, made a satirical statement on this issue in his last tweet. Hoskinson used the following words:

There is a strange parallel world where everything Cardano does is a useless scam, devoid of innovation. Rather, we are a cult affiliated with a lousy, sociopathic but inept pathological lying founder. Somehow we grew up with stolen success.

According to Hoskinson, it is fair and healthy for networks to question the differences in protocol design. However, he points out that core Ethereum developers are ignoring Cardano. He even argues that the developers have come to the point of refusing to talk about the project objectively. Saying that there is unnecessary tension and competition in the crypto space, Hoskinson once again argued that Cardano will change the world. Hoskinson used the following words:

…But in the end, I believe none of this will be worthwhile because we will change the world.

The network will attract thousands of users

According to Hoskinson, the network has the potential to attract billions of users without the need to convert Bitcoin or Ethereum maximalists. “The truth is Cardano does not need cryptocurrencies to be successful,” Hoskinson said. Mass adoption has not happened now,” he says. “We can have a user base of billions without stealing a single user from Bitcoin and Ethereum,” he says, pointing to the two largest cryptocurrencies. He also said that the crypto community behaved in a way that Cardano did not deserve. Hoskinson used the following words:

I’m sorry that those in the industry sometimes act like this; Our community doesn’t deserve this.

Not surprisingly, Hoskinson’s views gained a lot of ground from the Cardano community. However, Ethereum fans, such as Anthony Sassano, founder of The Daily Gwei and co-founder of EthHub, mocked Hoskinson, implying that the Cardano founder was trying to get Vitalik Buterin’s attention.

Cardano performs Vasil hard fork As we reported, on Thursday the Cardano network successfully performed its most valuable upgrade, Vasil hard fork, on Thursday. Hoskinson argues that the network will see significant upgrades in governance and user experience next year. Hoskinson states that they will “make their biggest contribution to these two main topics next year”. At the time of writing, ADA is changing hands at $0.44, down 2.4 percent. The cryptocurrency gained 0.2 percent on a weekly basis.

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