BTC, SHIB and LUNC Comments from US Congressional Candidate!

David Gokhshtein, a major cryptocurrency influencer, former US Congressional candidate, and founder of a crypto media platform bearing his name, asked his followers for their thoughts on Bitcoin’s possible plunge into the $10,000 level. Gokhshtein also did not forget the chest coin Shiba Inu (SHIB), which is known for his posts. Also, Gokhshtein was intrigued by the recent silence of the LUNC community.

Will Bitcoin drop to $10,000?

In the market for a while, it has been talked about whether the leading crypto Bitcoin (BTC) will go to 10 thousand dollars. David Gokhshtein asked whether his followers would prefer to buy or pass on more Bitcoin if BTC drops to the $10,000 level. He expressed his interest by saying that half of his Twitter followers “they say they will reach that level”.

In his previous tweet, Gokhshtein pointed out that Bitcoin has risen above the $20,000 price mark several times recently, but hasn’t been able to hold on to it tightly.

“I am affiliated with Shiba Inu (SHIB), not THE!”

On Sunday, October 23, Gokhshtein also shared several tweets about the Shiba Inu. He noted that he is not interested in THE, the recently launched chest coin. He also stated that he prefers to continue with SHIB.

“Give me the new Shiba Inu (SHIB),” he tweeted. He stated that he wanted to see a new chest coin appear. But he wanted it to have a real roadmap, a use case, and a working artifact.

Koindeks.comEarlier, Gokhshtein tweeted that he expects SHIB and DOGE to go parabolic during the next crypto bull run.

What does the final silence of the LUNC community mean?

David Gokhshtein wonders if the drop in Terra Classic’s (LUNC) social media mentions indicates the community’s campaign is over or whether fans are working quietly. The Terra Classic (LUNC) community has positioned itself as one of the loudest communities in the crypto scene, with a massive increase in social stakes and social dominance of the asset as the campaign to revive LUNC again gains momentum.

However, there has been a recent decline in the asset’s mentions. This indicates a silence within the camp. First critics, like Gokhshtein, ask if this marks an end to the community’s once-spirited campaign. Or she wonders if they’re cooking something behind closed doors. Gokhshtein predicted an early death for the presence’s new-found rigor in the first echelons of the LUNC community’s campaign. At times, Aon speaks aloud whether his conjecture has come true. Accordingly, he shared the following:

The LUNC community is a bit quiet now. Is it hard work quietly behind the scenes, or is it done?

Gokhshtein received mixed reviews from asset advocates and critics. Fans revealed their views on the asset weeks after its last rally. Many critics say they’ve seen the end of the once vigorous campaign. Members of the LUNC community, on the other hand, insist that they are still in the campaign to revive the entity. That’s why they claim to be working quietly.

One defender in particular pointed to the asset’s latest position on the trend chart on Sunday, despite the slight decline in metions. As such, he highlighted that it is periodically trending on Twitter. “Being trending and doing things are two completely different things,” Gokhshtein replied.

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