Bomb SHIB Forecast from 8+ Known Analysts!

The well-known crypto analyst who assumed the recent rise of the popular bust coin Dogecoin (DOGE) is true, shares the new claim. According to the analyst’s assumption, another well-known chest coin SHIB may be bullish. As, we convey the analyst’s claims to you.

Is SHIB the next booming altcoin?

SmartContracter continues to share on the well-known analyst Twitter address. He tells his 213,000 followers that Ethereum-based chest coin Shiba Inu (SHIB) will witness an echo rally. The analyst shared his expectations about SHIB:

If you missed DOGE, that’s fine. You have the chance to jump into SHIB with all the crypto enthusiasts who will buy into DOGE thinking they’re missing out.

SmartContracter then compares and analyzes the weekly charts of the two chest coins when paired with the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin. As a result of the comparison, he emphasizes that SHIB is similar to the recent situation in DOGE. However, it shows that it wants to break through a resistance zone where it has been bullish in the past. The analyst states that the two charts paint a “beautiful picture” that presents similarities at the technical level. Looking at Dogecoin, SmartContracter states that the well-known memecoin will continue to rise. First, the analyst who predicted a rise in DOGE on October 4 made the prediction. He recently shared a “next bullish claim” for the altcoin after his meteoric rise above $0.14. Doge is up 15.62 percent in the last 24 hours. Currently, it continues to see the process at $0.1404. SHIB, on the other hand, increased by 4.31 percent. It is currently trading at $0.0000129.

The analyst makes a name for himself with his accurate estimations.

However, the analyst is known for accurately predicting the bottom of the 2018 Bitcoin (BTC) bear market. Smart Contracter is known for accurate claims in the market. The analyst shared that Ethereum recently gave a clear buying opportunity by looking at its 200-week moving average. According to Smart Contracter, ETH continues to target the $2,400 price level.

In this case, it means 80 percent gain from the current price level. Afterwards, Smart Contracter includes the following terms:

Long-term buying competitors are really showing up. Ethereum is currently based on 200wma or five weeks. Once this weekly low dissolves and starts to rise again, you’ll have no excuse to wonder why you missed it. According to me, the next level is $2,400.

He predicted bullish for Dogecoin

Smart Contracter says the markets are poised to rise. However, another well-known analyst, Crypto Capo, states that only a short-term relief rally started before the other big drop took place. According to Capo, Bitcoin is poised to rise to around $21,000 before making a significant correction to the $14,000 level. Capo talks about these views as follows:

Price action looks like an uptrend. Heatmaps are bullish. All I see is a lot of shorts that need to be squeezed. Shorting is not a good idea. Send it for $21,000.

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