Bittorrent Coin Future: What to Expect?

In this guide, we’ll take a look at Bittorrent (BTT) price assumptions for 2021 and beyond. However, we will examine the market’s expectations about the future of Bittorrent Coin. It’s hard to imagine the future of a new, highly volatile financial asset like BTT. However, experts can make various predictions by analyzing many metrics. Whether you’re a new investor or an experienced trader, it’s worth considering these assumptions.

What is Bittorrent Coin (BTT)?

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a token get the market the way BTT does. As we reported, Justin Sun created hype among investors by signaling that BitTorrent and Binance support the project. As a result, the altcoin sold out 15 minutes after the ICO process started. During this period, the project earned $7.2 million. In fact, BTT is related to Bittorrent when looking at its use cases. For those who don’t know, Bittorrent is a protocol that makes it possible to transfer documents in a decentralized form.

It is useful to state the use cases of the token before we go into expectations for the future of Bittorrent Coin. BTT is used to purchase various works and services within the Bittorrent application. This TRON-based cryptocurrency works with the TRC-10 smart contract. This standard is lower than the TRC-20 with built-in smart contract capabilities. The token also has a total supply of 990,000,000,000 units that can be split into smaller increments for additional liquidity. As a result, BTT encourages BitTorrent users to offer infrastructure services such as document transfer and hosting.

How about the BTT price?

BTT is one of the projects with a high speculative price. In other words, it can quickly create hype, similar to chest coins like the Shiba Inu. Therefore, it is reasonable to say that Bittorrent Coin can do well in the bull market. However, as soon as a bear market occurs, capital flows into larger projects that are more confident and stable. This causes great value losses in assets such as BTT. Let’s also mention that we are in a bear market right now.

BTT’s price travel has always witnessed surprises and turns. Currently, BitTorrent price is trading around $0.000001071 with 932 billion supply in circulation. BitTorrent has a market cap of $994.9 million with a 24-hour process volume of $52.6 million. According to the technical analysis of the experts, the future looks bright for BTT as it has recently expanded its decentralized blockchain innovation. The all-time high price for BTT is currently around $0.000003054.

Bittorrent Coin future

It’s hard to speculate on the future of Bittorrent Coin as the market is extremely volatile. However, its better performance in the future will depend on some time, a large user base and positive vibes. The project develops various platforms such as BitTorrent Web, BitTorrent Classic and Bittorrent Android. According to analysts, these signals that the token will maintain its average price momentum. However, analysts expect the following price levels in BTT for the years 2022-2025:

  • Crypto trader WalletInvestor says the price of BTT should drop to $0.0000000194 within a year.
  • However, expects $0.0032 in the next year for the future of Bittorrent Coin. It also predicts that the token will reach a price of $0.0233 within five years.
  • Finally, DigitalCoinPrice suggests that BTT should be worth $0.00202 in May 2023 and $0.00319 in May 2024. It explains its BTT price claim for 2025 at an average of $0.00296 for the year. The one-to-one platform has a 2030 BTT price claim at $0.00692.

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