Bitcoin Claimants Who Know More Than 10: The Rise On This Date!

Crypto analysts, known for their accurate claims, think that the Bitcoin price has not seen the bottom now, and the real rally will begin after the FTX crisis.

Analyst, who previously reported the 2018 bear market, summarizes how Bitcoin will get better

You can find past accurate claims by Twitter analyst Smart Contracter here. In his current analysis, he said that Bitcoin may test one more foothold after finding the bottom at $ 15,700 in the last drop. According to the crypto analyst, Bitcoin price is poised for a long-term reversal. Smart Contracter, chairman, assumes that crypto will slowly recover its previous levels in the coming days:

The first stage of the fall is over. We now patiently wait for the price to return to the previous collapse range in the daily timeframe and enter fully.

According to the chart provided by Smart Contracter, Bitcoin will likely move towards $24,000 without fail. The timing of this move coincides with the second quarter of 2023. BTC is currently trading around $17,500. The US consumer slowly recovered after the lower-than-expected inflation data. Koindeks.comWhat happened in the middle of Binance and FTX, which you follow on , was devastating for the entire market.

BitMEX founder Arthur Hayes says the real rally for Bitcoin has now begun

The market analyst updates his view of the market after the recent crash. In his latest analysis, he stated that he expects lower levels in Bitcoin, although he predicts a future rally. According to Hayes, the FTX crisis will keep the market under pressure for a while. The BitMEX founder said that no one can save the stock market, which was hit hard by Binance. He also says it will take years for investors to receive the funds remaining on the exchange:

If Changpeng Zhao (CZ), the wealthiest person in crypto, can’t make the deal, no one else can. FTX client deposits will only see recovery in a bankruptcy court and it will take many years to resolve. Mt. Gox creditors still haven’t received funding, and it’s been almost a decade.

Arthur Hayes said that the market would be in a more sinister state in the predictions he made in the past months. Now, in the light of recent events, he expects exchanges and their managers to tighten their policies in the wake of FTX’s collapse. He also thinks that Bitcoin, Ethereum and Solana will see further declines in the short term. The reinforcement levels that the market analyst expects in the short term are as follows:

  • Bitcoin (BTC) = $10,000 – $15,000
  • Ethereum (ETH) = $750 – $1,000
  • Left (LEFT) = $3

Loma: Recent drop is historic opportunity for Bitcoin bulls

Finally, another Twitter analyst, Loma, said the recent drop is a “historic opportunity” for the bulls. The analyst updates his long-term bull expectation in his most posts:

If you’re looking from a long-term perspective, this isn’t a lousy area to be a buyer. Days like today are cruel blessings.

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