Binance Whales Are Filling Their Bags With These Altcoins!

Bitcoin and altcoins were hit hard by the FTX crash. Of course, Solana (SOL) was one of the most affected altcoins in this crisis. However, the SOL price drop is making the BNB whales collect in a big way. Also, whales confuse the 59M MATIC as Polygon spins Solana.

Altcoins bought by Solana whales entered the middle

According to WhaleStats, Solana (SOL) has once again entered the middle of the top-bought altcoins by the biggest BNB whales in the past 24 hours. According to the information, the average purchase size in the middle of the top 100 investors in this cluster is 60 SOL ($1,010). In addition to Solana in this middle, BNB whales had an interest in DOGE. However, they buy in smaller volumes.

The whale purchase came at a time when the SOL price recovered from its March 2021 low. As you follow, the altcoin rose from $12.34 to $17.8. It showed a relative increase of 45%. However, the current increase does not now encompass even a third of the drop that Solana saw following the FTX crash.

The latest situation of SOL in the middle of the most falling altcoins

The SOL price took investors on a rollercoaster ride. Official Solana sources seem to be focusing more on the performance of Blockchain. Earlier, the Solana Labs group presented a thread explaining the current state of the blockchain. In comparison, Solana currently has 3,621 nodes running and 2,160 validators with 11.5 million active accounts. Following Hetzner’s departure, some of the Solana validators will be migrated to Google Cloud as an official stakeholder segment.

MATIC is back to its previous price before FTX crashed

Polygon (MATIC) was down over 20% earlier this week. However, it survived the devastating FTX crash that spread across the entire crypto market. Before the collapse of FTX, MATIC was trading around $1.10 on major exchanges. However, after the FTX debacle, MATIC crashed along with other altcoins in the market. According to the information on Coinecko, MATIC dropped as low as $ 0.78 late Wednesday.

Interestingly, the altcoin rose to its previous price before the unfortunate event occurred. Accordingly, MATIC has rebounded sharply after the market recovered from FTX’s wrath. In the middle, yesterday MATIC took the 10th largest cryptocurrency position by market cap from Solana.

There is also MATIC in the middle of altcoins bought by whales

Several factors contributed to Polygon’s great rally. In the past few days, MATIC has caught the attention of whales as whales move cryptocurrency on a large scale. According to Whale Alert, Polygon whales have carried 59,809,478 MATICs worth $60.4 million in the last 24 hours. Yesterday, an anonymous whale transferred 26,649,286 (26.64 million) MATIC to an unknown wallet. During the process, cryptocurrencies were worth approximately $29.67 million.

Also, 5 million units of MATIC ($5.62 million) were withdrawn from a Bitfinex address to an unknown wallet.

During the day, 8,160,192 MATIC transfers were made from Binance to a address. Whale Alert said the fund was worth $8.8 million at the time.

In addition, an anonymous whale has withdrawn 10 million MATIC ($10.79 million) from Binance. Additionally, an anonymous Polygon whale carried 10 million MATICs at a cost of $10.83 million over the Polygon Plasma Bridge.

At press time, MATIC is trading at $1.03, down 6.2% in the last 24 hours. Because the FTX bankruptcy is pulling the market down again.

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