Binance Traders Open Long On That Altcoin! Expectations What?

The altcoin market, which has had the opportunity to recover since October 13, is still at risk of falling. However, new information shows that Binance traders are looking for long positions.

These 2 valuable indicators point to traders who open long situations

Ethereum has not been able to rise above $1,400 for the past 29 days. It trades in a relatively narrow $150 range. Meanwhile, investors are calm as the June 18 floor traded 50% above $880. However, despite the most exciting upgrade in the network’s seven-year history, the price is still down 65%. Now, many investors look to Ethereum’s derivatives market information to understand how whales and market makers are positioned.

Options traders are moderately risk averse

The 25% delta skew is a valuable sign when professional traders overtake hedges. For example, if traders are expecting an ETH collapse, the options markets skewness indicator rises above 12%. On the other hand, generalized excitement reflects a negative 12% skewness.

In summary, the higher the index, the less inclined traders are to offer downside hedges. The indicator has been signaling concern since September 19, when it last held a stock below 10%. On that day, as the $1,250 reinforcement strengthened after such a test, it became the discontinuous base for a weekly 28% correction.

Data shows Bitcoin traders taking a long position

The long-short rate may show methodological differences from time to time in the middle of different exchanges. So it should track changes rather than absolute numbers. For example, Binance showed a modest increase in its long-short rate mid-October 13 and 17 as the indicator moved from 1.04 to 1.07 in these four days. Thus, these traders increased their bullish status a little more.

On the other hand, Huobi data shows a stable pattern as it stayed around 0.98 for the entire time. Finally, on the OKX exchange, the metric dropped to 0.72 on Oct. Thus, it reverted to the current 1.00 only, largely preferring shorts. On average, the top traders across these three exchanges have been increasing long positions since the $1,200 foothold test on Oct.

Skewness and leverage are critical to sustain $1,250 foothold

Derivatives positions of professional traders were stable, despite Ethereum gaining 12% since the October 13 crash. Also, options traders fear that a move below $1,250 is possible given the indicator remains above the 10% threshold.

If these whales and market makers had firm convictions of a sharp price correction, this could be reflected in the long-short rate of the biggest traders. In summary, the 25% delta skewness must remain at 18% for Ethereum to maintain the $1,250 foothold. It should also keep the long-short ratio above 0.80. These indicators are a revealing sign of whether the downtrend from the biggest traders is gaining momentum. Koindeks.comAs you follow, Ethereum is currently trading above this zone at $1,300.

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