Binance Sets Date for FTX: US Launches Investigation!

The events in the middle of FTX-Binance once again emphasized that the cryptocurrency market needs clear rules. The US authorities, who closely followed the incident and started the first investigation, will put the cryptocurrency exchange FTX under the spotlight.

US launches investigation into FTX

According to a breaking news, the investigation by the SEC and the CFTC will delve deeper into FTX’s liquidity crisis. US regulators want to know if the exchange is managing client funds lawfully.

Binance may stop buying FTX As you follow, according to the details from the note sent by Binance CEO CZ to his employees, buying the rival exchange carries “regulatory dangers”. CZ stated that the purchase breakthrough would be a hindrance to “getting licenses from different countries”.

Binance gives date on FTX sale

FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried stated on Twitter yesterday that they have reached an agreement with Binance. Speaking to FOX today, the strategy leader of Binance CEO CZ reported that the decision for the FTX decision will be revealed in the coming days:

Only 36 hours until the due diligence process ends. We will complete this and then make a decision in favor of Binance traders. We’ll be sharing that as more details become clear.

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