Binance Makes Critical Announcements For MATIC And These 17 Altcoins!

Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volume, came to the fore with new announcements. Cryptocurrencies such as Polygon (MATIC), Prosper (PROS) were included in the announcements of the exchange. Here are the details…

New “Dual Investment” works are on the market: there is also MATIC

Binance is launching a new “Dual Investment” set of trades where users can use “sell high” and “buy low” trades, with updated target prices and payment dates. Subscription start for this piece is today, at 13 pm. In addition, Binance also announced that Dual Investment users will be able to receive token coupons of up to 8 BUSD. As we have also reported, Dual Investment provides access to selected works on the date you choose in the future without paying a random price. Details of the work “Sell high” are in the table below:

The “buy low” section includes the following cryptocurrencies:

PROS added to margin services

On the other hand, the exchange added PROS as a new loanable asset to its isolated margin. As is known, Prosper is a mid-chain assumption market and hedging platform focused on mid-chain liquidity aggregation technology. Prosper uses Chainlink oracle to provide the most accurate price feeds. The exchange has opened trading for the following margin pairs:

  • New isolated margin pairs: PROS/BUSD, TROY/BUSD

Daily ETHUSDT options

According to the latest announcement, Binance’s options service will launch ETHUSDT daily options tomorrow, October 13, 2022. ETHUSDT daily options are European style options contracts. Every day after Binance launches ETHUSDT daily options on October 13, the options will be listed at 11 CEST. ETHUSDT Daily Options will have a two-day expiry and will expire at 11 pm each day. Up to two days of option contracts will be listed at a random time. In addition to the announcement, users can now customize their options trading view by selecting the relevant fields in the market listing tab.

If another ETHUSDT weekly, monthly or quarterly options contract expires that day, there will be no new ETHUSDT daily options list. In the meantime, it is useful to look at the price situation of ETH. The largest altcoin, Ethereum (ETH), is quickly above $1,300, up 1.7 percent at the time of writing. The coin has dropped 3 percent in the last 7 days. It has worried investors with its decline below $ 1,300 in the past days.

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