Binance Made Valuable Announcements For These 8 Altcoins!

Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange in trading volume, has released important announcements for 8 altcoins. Binance’s announcements; deposit and withdrawal processes, upgrade basis, new listing, unlisting and a promotion.

Binance has released an announcement for these 8 altcoins

Announcement for LUNC and USTC withdrawal processes

The most beautiful cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, felt the need to make an announcement after user feedback. This announcement was about how it will credit LUNC and USTC deposits and process withdrawals for Terra Classic (LUNC). Accordingly, the exchange said that it will change the withdrawal processes and deposit lending. However, withdrawal prices applied by other exchanges or platforms will still apply to their deposits on Binance.

A 1.2% tax burn is applied to the LUNC and USTC processes in the Terra Classic network. Therefore, Binance made a new statement in the continuation of its previous announcement. Accordingly, the exchange will apply a 1.2% consolidation price to all deposits received before user accounts are credited. This indicates that users will not be able to receive all of their funds due to Binance’s withdrawal prices and a 1.2% tax cut.

LUNC will also be included in the burning tax in spot and margin processes

Binance said it will burn all trading prices on LUNC spot and margin trading pairs. He then announced that he would set up an incinerator to send them to the LUNC incineration address. After these developments, LUNC gained almost 50% in value on September 26. The exchange has also given a date for the process price burn in LUNC spot and margin trading. Accordingly, the first process prices will be calculated between September 21 and October 1 and transferred to the dead wallet.

The measure burned will not include price reductions on margin trading pairs for the LUNC spot and Binance Spot Liquidity Provider Program during the specified time frame. At the time of writing, LUNC is changing hands at $0.0000027 with a marginal increase in the last 24 hours.

Binance will support Theta Network upgrade

Binance also announced that it will support Theta Network (THETA) upgrade and hard fork. The Theta Network (THETA) upgrade and hard fork will take place on September 29. The Theta Network upgrade expects block height to reach 17,285,755. At this time, THETA’s deposit and withdrawal processes on Binance will be suspended from approximately 04:00 TSI on September 29.

While these altcoins are being added, they are being delisted

Binance has announced that it will list new altcoins for cross margin and isolated margin. Accordingly, users will have the advantage of using the new GLM, NEBL and VIB. So borrowing for margin with these assets is possible in this way. The new cross-margin and isolated margin pairs include GLM/BUSD, NEBL/BUSD, VIB/BUSD.

Binance’s Learn & Trade promotion for STG has ended

Binance’s Learn & Trade promotion for STG has finally been concluded. From this, such users can obtain STG token coupons from Learn & Trade. Coupons are waiting for users in the Rewards Center in Binance. The validity period of token coupons has been determined as 14 days from the day of distribution. In other words, it is useful for those who participate in the promotion to be quick.

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