Binance Made Critical Announcements For These 6 Altcoins!

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volume, made new announcements for six altcoins. Here are the details…

Binance Loans adds APT and POLYX

Binance has added Aptos (APT) and Polymesh (POLYX) as new loanable assets to the Binance Loans platform. As we have also reported, crypto assets backed by Binance Loans are based on interest rates. Collateral assets on this platform offer a wide variety of options for maximum loanable limits based on market conditions and internal risk management.

Binance Futures to offer new perpetual futures contract

Binance Futures (Futures) will launch USD-M APTBUSD and COIN-M APTUSD perpetual futures contracts on October 25th at 05:30 and 05:45 CEST. A leverage of 25x is offered for APTBUSD and 20x for APTUSD. More details on USD-M and Coin-M APT contracts can be found in the table below:

New campaign for P2P platform

Binance P2P will offer a “learn-win” program for selected countries in Southeast Asia. All exchange users from Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar will learn about P2P. He will then have the chance to share 1,300 BUSD. The activity period for the campaign will start on 25 October and will end on 11 November.

Exchange launches new sweepstakes for dual investments

Binance announced that its first-time Dual Investments users will be able to share a prize pool of 50,000 BUSD. During the promotion period, the first 5,000 users who subscribe to the dual investment product for the first time will be eligible for the draw. Eligible users will continue to receive token coupons of up to 10 BUSD. However, this depends on the number of criteria met during the promotional period. The more qualified users meet the additional criteria, the more rewards they get.

For example, a person who invests in a random dual investment for the first time receives 1 BUSD. The user, who continues his Dual Investment subscription for 3 weeks, is entitled to receive 1 more BUSD. The person who makes a process of at least 500 dollars gets another 1 BUSD. In this case, there are six criteria.

Binance launches ‘mystery box’ for Halloween

To celebrate Halloween this year, the exchange is launching a special mystery box promotion where two eligible users will be selected. These two users will equally share the prize pool of 20,000 DOGE. So each user will receive 10,000 DOGE. The promotion cycle kicked off this morning, and the reward claim process will take place mid-October 31st and November 7th. The entry price for this event is 1 DOGE.

10,000 BUSD will be distributed to those who play games and read news

Finally, the exchange made an announcement for those who play the WODL little game about Binance and those who read Binance News. To join WODL, you need to read Binance News. Users who make at least five real responses in WODL will receive an equal stake in the $10,000 prize pool.

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