Binance Lists This Altcoin On The Futures Market! What will be the price?

Quant (QNT) is listed on the Binance Futures Market. The fact that the price of QNT is green has taken the crypto market by surprise. According to analyst James Obande, QNT remains strong despite being rejected from the $220 high as it remains above the key reinforcement area. So what’s next for altcoin?

Weekly analysis of QNT listed on Binance Futures

The bears looked at the QNT listing on the Binance Futures trading platform in amazement. Quant’s (QNT) price has had a rough start in the previous weeks. However, it showed what to expect as the crypto market returns to its trend days. The crypto market showed signs of a major rally earlier in the month. However, as the market continued to change, it did not like the Uptober that many had expected. Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and other crypto assets have remained dormant, with a few exceptions such as the bullish Quant (QNT). As you follow, many altcoin projects have seen a price drop of more than 50%. They did not have much success in the bear market, as it discouraged multiple traders and investors from stocking up on these assets. In the middle, Bitcoin’s dominance (BTC.D) rose. Therefore, it is possible that this will hurt the price of many crypto assets. BTC.D to rise above 45% means altcoins will fall further with every small price rejection for BTC.

However, this was not the case for the range movement of QNT as the price continued to rise despite BTC.D rising and BTC rising. After rising to $220, QNT is struggling to break the $220 resistance. Therefore, it faced the uptrend resistance at $330. As the bulls continue to control the price, the price of QNT has retreated to the $170 zone. If the price of QNT stays above the bullish line, we may see more rallies from QNT.

Quant (QNT) price analysis on weekly chart
  • Weekly resistance for QNT price: $220.
  • Weekly basis for the QNT price: $110.

Altcoin daily price analysis

The daily timeframe for QNT price continues to show bullish strength despite the uncertainty in the crypto market with BTC price in the demand zone. After meeting resistance and falling to $165, QNT is still strong ahead of a possible rally to $220.

QNT price must stay above $110 for the price to maintain its bullish momentum. A break below this zone means bears are in control of QNT prices.

QNT price analysis on daily (1D) chart
  • Daily resistance for QNT price: $220.
  • Daily boost for QNT price: $110.

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