Binance Announces: There Is Good News For These 12 Altcoins!

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of daily transaction volume, has made new announcements. The exchange’s announcements cover 12 altcoins. Here are the details…

Binance regulates tick sizes on some trading pairs

Binance has announced that it will first make tick-size adjustments in some cryptocurrency trading pairs. He stated that he made this arrangement to increase market liquidity and improve the trading experience. Till size of spot trading pairs in the list below, ie minimum changes in unit price, will be adjusted until 8 November 2022, 10 CEST. There is also the Turkish Lira (TRY) in the middle of the pairs with varying tick size. As can be seen in the list, tick sizes will be updated in AUDIO/TRY, BUSD/TRY and USDT/TRY pairs.

Exchange adds OSMO to Loans service

On the other hand, the exchange has added OSMO to its Binance Loans platform as a new loanable and collateral asset. As we have also reported, Binance Loans offers a wide variety of options for supported crypto assets, interest rates, collateral assets and maximum lendable limits based on market conditions and internal risk management. As you know, Osmosis was one of the latest additions to Binance’s Innovation Zone.

The exchange announced on October 28 that it would list OSMO in the Innovation Zone. After this development, the coin managed to rise from $ 1.30 to $ 1.75. The coin of the project, which has a valuable place in the Cosmos ecosystem, is currently trading at $1.50.

14. APENFT airdrop completed

Finally, the exchange announced that the APENFT (NFT) airdrop has completed its 14th round. As is known, the airdrop is valid for TRON (TRX), BitTorrent Old (BTTOLD), BitTorrent (BTTC), Just (JST) and WINkLink (WIN) owners. Users can see if they have received these coins on the “distribution” page in the process history segment. To qualify for the NFT airdrop, users must have assets at the time the snapshot is taken. For each token, you can see the minimum wallet requirements below:

  • 100 TRX
  • 2.000 BTC
  • 2,000,000 BTCC
  • 100 JST
  • 15,000 WIN

A snapshot of the 14th batch of the APENFT (NFT) airdrop was taken at block height 42,293,803 TRON. This coincides with October 7, 2022. Well, what does TRON have to do with APENFT? With the reinforcement of the BitTorrent Document System (BTFS), APENFT is powered by the core technology of the TRON network. APENFT, like other leading projects, transforms artworks into NFTs.

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