Binance Announced: These 12 Cryptocurrency Projects Will Be Supported!

Binance Labs announced the 12 crypto projects selected for the 5th period of the incubation program.

The fifth period of the Binance Labs Incubation Program begins

The program is a chain-agnostic initiative that aims to power innovative Blockchain projects to shape the future of Web3. Binance says it has received more than 900 applications for the 5th period. He notes that this has made it the program’s most competitive race to date. As part of the program that we have announced, the Binance team examined the applications in detail. Accordingly, it chose 12 crypto money projects covering infrastructure, zkDID, DeFi, vehicles, security, gaming and payment segments. The new term officially started on November 7th. The Binance Labs Incubation Program offers an 8-week curriculum. Yi He, Binance Co-Founder and Binance Labs Leader, made the following statement:

Binance Labs has always been actively looking for projects that are scalable and resilient to regression, which we believe are invaluable to the growth of the Web3 industry. Our incubation program aims to empower early-stage Web3 founders and help them reach their full potential regardless of market conditions.

During the 8-week incubation period (excluding the holiday period), project founders will have access to:

  • Web3 and entrepreneurship courses
  • 1 to 1 mentoring sessions with industry experts
  • Fireside conversations with market leaders and incubation graduates
  • Cluster-wide demo day with investors
  • Continuous post-incubation support

12 cryptocurrencies included in the Binance incubation program

Binance Labs will host face-to-face sessions for startups at its business incubator Station F in Paris from November 7-20. During Binance’s two-week stint at Station F, there will be offline mentoring sessions for branch experts and incubators to engage in deep face-to-face discussions. Here are the 12 crypto money projects selected for incubation:

  1. Bracket Labs Group: Bracket Protocol is a derivative of DeFi created by Bracket Labs. The project makes it easy for buyers to get long or short leveraged situations with fixed payments on the most suitable crypto assets such as BTC, ETH, AVAX, SOL, USDT.
  2. DappOS: DappOS is an operating protocol that manages crypto infrastructures for users.
  3. HANA EVM: HANA is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) built on Move-based layer-1s.
  4. Kryptoskatt: Cryptocurrency project, a Swedish Web3 company. Kryptoskatt apps provide accounting, portfolio management and tax reporting services to investors, businesses and government agencies.
  5. Mind Network: The project is a composable data protocol that allows developers to work together information in the middle of silos and automatically program intelligence.
  6. Notebook Labs: The project creates an identity infrastructure for Web3.
  7. Ontropy: Ontropy produces verifiable and truly decentralized randomness.
  8. PIP: PIP is a suite of Web3 payment artifacts designed to serve both individuals and organizations.
  9. Sandbags Protocol: The project provides a set of Web3 security services. It also aims to establish a new paradigm of contract security.
  10. The Harvest: The Harvest is a multiplayer, online, free-to-play third-person hero shooter.
  11. Wallet Guard: The project develops security infrastructure and training for Web3 to deal with scams and fraud.
  12. zkPass: Cryptocurrency project, an open-source protocol for bringing solid information into the Web3 space. It’s also a privacy-preserving, decentralized KYC analysis based on MPC and ZKP aimed at generating authentication artifacts.

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