‘Big’ Warning From Binance CEO After FTX Bankruptcy!

Speaking at the Indonesian Fintech Summit today, Binance CEO CZ said more companies will be at stake in the coming weeks following the FTX bankruptcy.

Binance CEO says more bankruptcy news coming next week

Koindeks.com As you follow, FTX recently announced that it went bankrupt. Founder and CEO Sam Bankman-Fried has also officially resigned. John J. Ray III will now take charge as the new CEO. The exchange announced today on its Twitter account that it has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the US. Following the incident, Binance CEO says we will receive bankruptcy news from more companies next week. According to CZ, the cryptocurrency market is currently facing a crisis similar to the financial crash of 2008.

All cryptocurrencies fell hard after the bankruptcy of FTX and the news of CEO Sam Bankman-Fried’s resignation. Bitcoin fell by about 7% to a 24-hour low of $16,351 in a short time. The drop partially reversed a major rally on Thursday, where lower-than-expected US CPI data in October gave Bitcoin investors some relief. However, Binance CEO says that the effects of FTX will be felt in the coming days.

CZ says FTX impact is not fully felt now

CZ shared what happened in the middle with SBF in his statements at the Indonesian Fintech Summit today. He said the bankruptcy would be devastating for the cryptocurrency market. The Binance CEO sees the bankruptcy of his biggest competitor as a disaster. In some of his statements at the conference, he said that we will begin to feel the effects of the FTX crisis in the coming days. CZ also says we’re going to experience this in an effective chained way.

Is the cryptocurrency market going into crisis?

CZ likens current events in the market to the 2008 financial crisis. He stated that this has been strengthened by the events of this week. Some of the statements he made at the conference included the following statements:

As FTX drops, we will see cascading effects. Especially those close to the FTX ecosystem will be adversely affected.

The Binance CEO is also not convinced that the current state of FTX is an isolated incident. “A few other projects will also be in precedent,” Zhao said. I think it will take a few weeks for most of them to come out.” The collapse of FTX is the first time the crypto market has faced it. Furthermore, reports of misuse of client funds and Binance backing out of a deal to buy the now-discredited platform continue to be simply credible. Despite his gruesome claim, Zhao assured the audience that the fate of the cryptocurrency is not determined in this form. On the contrary, Zhao said, “the market will heal itself.”

Binance CZ says FTX doesn’t have enough resources for Voyager settlement

Binance CEO was skeptical of FTX’s move to buy Voyager, one of the companies that went bankrupt during the market crash in May. He said FTX did not have enough funds for the $1.4 million acquisition. According to CZ, we will see more companies failing like Voyager in the coming weeks. But despite this pessimistic outlook, CZ still remains optimistic for the future. He says he is confident the market will recover.

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