Big News for Polygon and These 3 Altcoins: There Is Stakeholder!

While the cryptocurrency market focuses on the developments in the middle of Binance and FTX, the price of Polygon (MATIC) and these 3 altcoins are on the rise. On November 7, deltaDAO launched the Gaia-X Web3 ecosystem network upgrade based on Polygon Supernet. As, we convey to you the participation announcements of Polygon and 3 altcoin projects.

New partnership in the Polygon ecosystem

The Polygon team noted that the collaboration brings blockchain to the midpoint of European information economics. Affiliate enables a global, credible information economy where users have full control over their information. In addition, as a result of the cooperation, it aims to create new sources of income for 2 thousand participants from more than 350 institutions. After the announcement, Polygon’s altcoin MATIC increased significantly.

Polygon founder made statements

Polygon co-founder Antoni Martin said the subsidiary will help provide an open and unified data economy for the European digital ecosystem. Earlier, JP Morgan announced that it has successfully traded using the Polygon blockchain network. With this situation, there was an increase in the price of MATIC. In a similar form, Meta said it will use the Polygon network for its first NFT market. Then came the news of another big collaboration in the form of Instagram.

Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon, explained that he is the head of various forms within the network’s crypto ecosystem. Nailwal said Polygon network Defi, Gaming is a leader in creative economies.

He also announced that he is the head of nearly all local Web 3.0 categories, such as DAOs. Ranked 11th, Polygon currently has a market capitalization of $10.93 billion.

New support for LUNC

Crypto payment gateway FCF Equity has added Terra Classic (LUNC) pillar to enable people to use the token as a payment system. The development was shared yesterday by reXx, executive and marketing representative of Terra Rebels:

Thank you for listing Luna Classic (LUNC) as currency.

Subsequently, LUNC joined FCF Pay’s list of supported cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Ripple. FCF Share allows users to pay for works and services using cryptocurrencies. Services together is an e-commerce payment solution. The Canadian-based payment solution is adding reinforcements for the most viable cryptocurrencies with huge communities.

It’s no surprise that FCF Pay has added Terra Classic to the midst of supported cryptocurrencies. It became a community-led project after the collapse of the Terra ecosystem in May. FCF Share, Magento, Woo Commerce, Prestashop, Adobe Commerce, etc. Cryptocurrency can now be used as a payment technique in multiple online stores, as it supports major e-commerce platforms such as

Polygon and other ecosystem affiliates demonstrate crypto market adoption

ProprHome partnered with Ripple to offer people new ways to buy, sell and rent real estate in Portugal. According to the announcement, ProprHome will offer faster, power-efficient solutions for real estate buyers and sellers. It will also leverage Ripple’s XRP Ledger through an NFT analysis to enable low-cost processes.

The partnership came after Ripple developers deployed NFT functionality in XRP Ledger. John McCoy, CEO of ProprHome, said in reaction to the subsidiary with Ripple:

ProprHome and our partner Ripple share the same vision of tokenizing assets with functional utility. We see the potential of the online real estate market utilizing blockchain technology to valuablely streamline real estate interactions.

McCoy says ProprHome has relied on XRP Ledger for more than a decade as the blockchain of choice for the company’s tokenization capabilities.

New stakeholder announcement from SHIB

W Hotels, a luxury 5-star hotel in Dubai, announced a new partnership. Per the announcement, it has partnered with Travala to enable its customers to book awe-inspiring services with crypto. As a result of this partnership, W Hotels customers will benefit from many privileges. In addition, customers can pay using more than 80 cryptocurrencies, including Shiba Inu. Travala pointed to SHIB in its official tweet:

Hey ShibArmy, check out WHotels Dubai, The Palm… is in the middle of the first users of the Shiba Inu. Added reinforcement to memecoin, which was recognized on December 7, 2021. Since then, has been relying on SHIB payments to book over 3 million travel items worldwide.

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