Beware of These Web3 Coins: Affiliate and Binance Announcements Available!

Even when the prices are falling, it is necessary not to miss the latest developments in the market. In this article, we took a look at the Web3 coins announcing valuable affiliate news. Here are the details…

Announcing valuable partnership news to these Web3 Coins

Bitwage signs this UFC fighter

On Monday, crypto payroll company Bitwage announced a stakeholder agreement with Argentine Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter Guido Cannetti. According to the treaty rules, Cannetti will receive 100 percent of his salary in USDC stablecoin through Bitwage using Vibrant. Vibrant is a wallet app that the Stellar Network group has mainly developed for Argentines to help them cope with the rising inflation the country is experiencing.

Cannetti became the first Argentine martial arts athlete to receive a stablecoin salary. Inflation continues to hit Argentina hard. Therefore, it causes a great decrease in the purchasing power of the country’s local currency. As a result, many Argentines like Cannetti are adopting cryptos to guarantee their benefits over stablecoins.

Ellipsis (EPX) and Kava Lend (HARD) ready for leveraged trading on Binance

The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange announced today that it has opened its EPX and HARD cross-margin processes. According to the statement, EPX and HARD will now be traded against USDT and BUSD. Users will now be able to process the following pairs.


Ribbon Finance Launches options service on Ethereum

Ribbon Finance today launched a “high-performing” options exchange called Aevo. Built on Ethereum, the first iteration will only offer ETH options. However, other cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, will be available in the coming months.

Partnership of Mysten Labs and Axelar Network

Connecting Web3 ecosystems such as Avalanche, Osmosis and Polkadot, PoS Blockchain Axelar is partnering with chairman infrastructure company Mysten Labs. The Axelar-Mysten subsidiary valuablely advances the possibility of a “super dApp” that will bring the next, by providing faithful Public Message Passing and giving developers the ability to fully leverage the power of Sui’s Ethereum-compatible, chain-independent multi-chain applications. The announcement follows the release of Axelar’s AXL utility token, which is shared with owners today and provides basic network security.

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