Best Play to Earn Coins: CryptoRank Chose 15 Coins!

Cryptocurrency analytics firm CryptoRank released its list of the top 15 Play to Earn Coins (P2E) in terms of active users on Oct. First on the list is Gameta, which provides an easy and rewarding way to enter the world of Web 3. We took a look at the list of analytics platform for our readers.

The smoothest Play to Earn Coins

Crypto analytics platform CryptoRank has compiled a list of active users for Play to Earn Coins in the market. Gameta occupies the first place in CryptoRank’s list with 1.83 million active users. Its closest rival, Alien Worlds, has 601,000 active users. Benji Bananas follows with 431 thousand. According to the information, Gameta has made a big difference to its competitors.

The rest of the list includes: Splinterlands, Solitaire Blitz, Axie Infinity, Trickshot Blitz, Upland, Farmers World, ARC8 By Gamee, ERA7: Game of Truth, Tiny World, Sunflowers Lands, Playmining and MOBOX.

On which Blockchains are Play to Earn Coins built more? CryptoRank also answers this question. Here is something surprising. Because Ethereum, the king of blockchains, has lost the lead. Because, BNB Chain is in the first place with 33.4%. In terms of market value, the chairman Blockchain Ethereum is in second place with 28.4%. It is followed by Ethereum Layer-2 analytics Polygon with 10.1%.

What you need to know about Gameta As the adoption of Blockchain technology increases, there is an increase in awareness of the Web 3.0 ecosystem. Many schools think Web 3 will revolutionize the way many industries operate. However, despite the growing interest in Web 3, this niche is still very new and mainly for the elite.

To close this gap, Gameta offers one of the easy, rewarding and yet most efficient ways to enter the world of Web 3. The platform focuses on increasing user engagement. In addition, the platform has a unique artifact model consisting of four components. These components help facilitate a smooth transition to Web 3 for users. Gameta is gearing up to drive mass adoption of the web 3 ecosystem. In other words, the platform’s interest is to ensure that interested individuals have facilitated and hassle-free access to Web 3.

Alien Worlds should not be forgotten in the midst of Play to Earn Coins

All of the Metaverse natives flock to one Coke and one in particular: Alien Worlds. The P2E project is a blockchain phenomenon that is getting more and more recognizable by the day. So what is Alien Worlds and why are people talking about it? Well, it has attracted over 700,000 players since its inception. It also made it the fastest growing game on Ethereum, Wax and BNB Chain. With all that in mind, it’s clear that the sci-fi entry is very good and indeed a hit for the stars. It has a growing player base and a blooming platform for opening. With these, it creates a new future and sweeps the market by itself.

A different project in the top three: Benji Bananas

Benji Bananas debuted as a portable game in 2013. It was an easy, addictive rope swing adventure that users could download to their phones and play for fun. The company behind the game is Animoca Brands. In March 2022, the company announced the introduction of a P2E mechanic that will take Benji Bananas into the Web3 world.

The developers built it on the Ethereum Blockchain and Polygon. It is possible for users to roam in the middle of the trees and collect rewards. But now there is the possibility to exchange these rewards for real world money. It is still free to download and play. In this middle, there are also possibilities for users to enjoy the game without ever entering the P2E element. But Animoca Brands has also made it possible for players who want to play for crypto to do just that, with a special NFT. The cryptocurrency that players will earn is the PRIMATE token.

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