AUDIO from Binance and Last Minute Announcements for These 10 Altcoins!

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of daily trading volume, made new announcements for 11 altcoins, including AUDIO. In this article, we will convey the latest developments. Here are the details…

Binance adds AUDIO and these 7 coins to their “Simple Earn” artifacts

Binance has added new coins to its Simple Earn flexible products service, which allows users to evaluate their idle holdings. The list of supported assets now includes BIFI, ALCX, AUDIO, HARD, DF, FARM, DEXE, and POWR. As we reported, Binance Simple Earn opens new subscriptions for flexible or locked works. It allows users to earn daily rewards with these subscriptions. Users can subscribe and use flexible works whenever they want. This provides flexibility and liquidity over their assets while users earn daily rewards.

New addition to Binance Convert

According to another announcement, the exchange added Osmosis (OSMO) to its Convert platform. Users can now trade OSMO with BTC, BUSD, USDT and other tokens supported by Binance Convert. In processes made from this platform, the process price will be zero. As is known, Osmosis (OSMO) is an automated market making protocol (AMM) for the ATOM ecosystem.

The exchange announced the first Launchpool project six months later

Also, Binance announced the first Launchpool project six months later. The exchange pointed to Hashflow (HFT) as the 31st Launchpool project. As it is known, users can now invest in projects that are not listed on the stock exchange on Launchpool. In turn, new projects get the chance to raise funds. According to the statements, starting tomorrow at 03:00, users will be able to stake their BNB and BUSD to get HFT. This staking process will take 30 days.

Binance will list HFT on November 7, 2022 at 16 CEST. The exchange will offer the altcoin for trading with BTC, BUSD and USDT pairs. 1.5 percent of HFT’s total supply will be distributed through Launchpool. Of the 15 million HFTs in total, 12 million will be in the BNB pool, and 3 million will be in the BUSD pool.

10,000 BUSD prize pool announced

Finally, Binance announced a new campaign for Binance News and WODL. It announced that users can receive a reward of 10,000 BUSD if they read Binance News and play the WODL game. Crypto WODL is a mini game that allows users to guess the mysterious words to understand the latest market developments while earning crypto rewards. This week, the WODL theme is Web 3.0 and music. Users who answer the questions with at least five truths will be eligible to receive an equal stake in the $10,000 BUSD.

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