Attention: Giant Whales Bring SHIB and Ripple to Exchanges!

The whales, the biggest investors, have been quite active over the past 24 hours. The whales moved the well-known altcoins Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Ripple (XRP). Here are the processes and the details of the processes…

Whales mobilize 340 million XRP

Whale Alert, a crypto whale watching platform, has observed the movement of XRP on a large scale in the last 24 hours. Such processes have become routine, as they often occur on a daily basis. The latest XRP transfer resulted in a transfer to Bitso and Bitstamp, two well-known centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. In the last 24 hours, a total of 340,804,615 XRPs have been moved by unknown whales at a cost of approximately $152.97 million. Ripple has also participated in the latest type of XRP transfers.

According to the Blockchain data shared by Whale Alert, Ripple transferred a total of 100 million XRP to an unknown wallet about eight hours ago. The fund was valued at approximately $45.47 million during the process. All major XRP transfers by Ripple were mostly related to the company’s On-Demand Liquidity service. As we reported, this assay uses XRP as a bridge for cross-border processes. Recently, the demand for the service has increased rapidly as financial institutions have benefited from the analysis.

What are other anonymous processes?

Besides the 100 million XRP transferred by Ripple, other whales have also largely moved the cryptocurrency in the past 24 hours. An anonymous whale deposited 25 million XRP on the Bitstamp cryptocurrency exchange, one of Ripple’s ODL partners. During the process, the fund was valued at $11.4 million. For example, another unknown Ripple whale transferred 25 million XRP ($11.38 million) to an address on Bitstamp. In addition, a total of 60 million XRP worth approximately $27.4 million was transferred to Bitstamp by an unknown whale.

Bitstamp is again involved in another big XRP transfer. This time, 56,604,615 XRP worth $25.85 million was transferred from the Luxembourg cryptocurrency exchange to an unknown wallet. Bitso exchange, another Ripple ODL partner, was also involved in the recent XRP transfers. According to Whale Alert, 49.2 million XRP ($22.46 million) was transferred from the exchange to an unknown address. Less than an hour ago, 25 million XRP ($11.23 million) was moved to Bitstamp from an unknown wallet.

150 billion SHIB moved to stock market

One of the biggest ETH whales has transferred 150 billion SHIB to its wallet on exchange. According to the information, after the transfer of 150 billion SHIB (approximately 150 million dollars), the whale still has 23.4 trillion SHIB in its pocket. Shortly after Whale transferred such valuable cryptocurrencies, the price of Shiba Inu started to pull back from the critical resistance level of $0.000001020 on the 4-hours chart. Since Oct 18, the Shiba Inu has seen sideways trading in a tight range of $0.00000960 – $0.000001020. Whale selling at the top of the range indicates a continuation of a sideways trend in the near term.

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