Attention: Binance Will Invest In These 7 Altcoin Projects!

Holding the title of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance announced that it will invest in 7 altcoin projects. The exchange will support these cryptocurrencies through a program called Most Valuable Builder (MVB) Accelerator. Continuing with the joint effort of BNB Chain and Binance Labs, this program aims to support the development of various projects.

Binance will support these 7 altcoin projects

Space ID

Space ID is a global domain (domain name) service. This service was created with the aim of supporting multi-chain. For example, Space ID allows people, assets and decentralized applications to be used across different networks. Basically this is about a valid digital identity all over the Blockchain world. Every identity on the network is multi-chain, decentralized and fast.

MultiChain Event Protocol (MEP)

MEP is a project that allows different Blockchain networks to work together. This project basically serves as a liaison protocol. That is, it offers peer-to-peer contact channels. In this network, users benefit from features such as authentication, execution, and multi-chain transfer. However, every multi-chain process on MEP takes place via sub-protocols. These special sub-protocols provide speed and security.


Overality generates various Blockchain ecosystems based on zero-knowledge evidence. These ecosystems enable zkBridge and zkRollup acceleration. Like the previous two projects on the list, Overality is a project focused on interoperability. Aiming to bring a multi-chain structure to Web3, this project is a kind of infrastructure provider. Overality currently has various infrastructures called Gemini, deVirgo and MetaID. deVirgo offers shorter proof creation deadlines. Gemini speeds up zkRollups as a zero-knowledge proof protocol. Meta ID, on the other hand, enables authentication in NFT and mid-chain environment.


MetaApes differs from other projects in terms of its structure. This altcoin is a free-to-play Play to Earn game on Binance. In other words, users can earn passive income through this portable game. This mid game currently boasts over 400,000 unique users. These users can build their own cities within MetaApes. Subsequently, he can put these cities into war in various areas, including PVP and PVE. Winners of battles receive rewards.

Velvet Capital

Velvet Capital allows users to invest in clusters of tokenized assets. Users who invest in tokenized portfolios have the opportunity to earn passive returns. Moreover, by doing this, it relies on the tokenization of assets in various ecosystems. In addition to tokenized Web 3.0 index funds, investors within Velvet Capital can invest in other assets that offer anonymity. However, the platform also reinforces multi-chain asset investment and strategy generation.


Web3Go is a notification-oriented altcoin project. It allows instant notifications to users on Web3 platforms and Blockchains. Basically this is an information analysis protocol that works in a multi-chain form. Accordingly, Web3Go compiles and analyzes Blockchain-based information. Then, it presents this data in a way that users can understand through notification.

gameta As we have reported, Gameta is the last project to receive investment from Binance Labs. This project works in a game-oriented manner. Basically, it allows different games to be played on a single platform under its own roof. Currently, Gameta includes 9 games. But the ecosystem also has over 20 games currently under development.

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