Assumptions from 4 Billionaires: These Levels Are Hard For Bitcoin Now!

4 billionaires investing in the crypto markets shared the price levels they expect for Bitcoin (BTC). Accordingly, strong investors have quite different price expectations from each other. Let’s examine the BTC price claims of billionaires together.

“Bitcoin will reach these levels by 2031”

Robert Breedlove, CEO and founder of Parallax Digital, shared the levels he expects to happen for Bitcoin by 2031. Accordingly, the billionaire investor assumes that by 2031, BTC may be worth millions of dollars. According to him, it is possible for BTC to reach a price tag of $12.5 million within nine years. Breedlove says that the collapse of the US dollar will be the key factor in the price boom of BTC.

The famous executive claims that in the future the purchasing power of the dollar will be much lower than it is today. According to him, $12.5 million in 2031 will equal $1 million today. Therefore, it is extremely possible for the BTC price to rise to 12.5 million. But BTC, which has a price of $ 12.5 million, will be the same as today’s BTC, which has reached a price of $ 1 million. However, the billionaire’s claim to rise is extremely big.

“I’m buying cryptocurrencies as the crash approaches”

Raoul Pal, macro guru and CEO of Real Vision, also announced the BTC price cut. The billionaire expects economic data to collapse significantly in the next few months. Because of this, he invests heavily in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. However, the former Goldman Sachs executive expects crypto prices not to drop further. According to him, the economic crisis of risky assets such as stocks and cryptocurrencies greatly priced in.

“Regulations are an existential risk to the crypto market”

Dan Morehead, CEO of digital asset hedge fund Pantera Capital, talks about an “existential risk” facing the crypto industry. Morehead states that many of the risks the crypto industry has faced since its inception have disappeared. But he underlines that regulatory risks remain. In particular, the billionaire says the risk is regulatory uncertainty in the US. According to him, this uncertainty discourages innovation. It also sends ideas, entrepreneurs and startups abroad.

“These levels are now difficult for Bitcoin”

Canadian businessman Kevin O’Leary also talked about Bitcoin. O’Leary stated that BTC will struggle to reclaim the $22,000 level without regulatory clarity. According to him, no single asset class will be able to overcome the regulatory pressures of the SEC. Therefore, O’Leary states that BTC will never go above $22,000 again. As we reported, BTC over-peaked at $69,000 at the end of November. But it subsequently dropped to $19,412, which it saw progressing at the time of writing.

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