Analysts Name 5 Altcoins: They May Surprise You With Their Rise!

A crypto analyst predicts a reversal for the leading altcoin Ethereum rival. He also says that some very hot altcoins are about to finish their corrective action. Another crypto analyst is expecting a surprising move from Solana (SOL).

“AVAX is giving a bullish signal”

Popular crypto analyst Michaël van de Poppe says that Avalanche (AVAX)’s RSI (relative strength indicator) is starting to rise as the price continues to drop. Therefore, he notes that the altcoin project is giving a bullish signal. He also states that this indicates that the receivers are starting to gather strength. In this context, the analyst uses the following words:

As the markets heat up, I expect a targeted return of $17 and potentially $20 from here.

Source: Van de Poppe/Twitter

Other altcoin projects on the radar

The analyst then looks at Injective. Van de Poppe says the INJ’s short-term correction period is about to end. Based on this, the analyst makes the following statement:

Yep, INJ hit that area and it’s bouncing hard. Imagine if the markets finished this correction today/tomorrow and turned upside down again. Then it will show strength.

Source: Van de Poppe/Twitter

Last week, INJ exploded over 40% in about five days. However, he later gave up some of his gains. At press time, INJ was trading at $1.93, down about 0.68% on a daily basis.

The popular analyst is also watching Ripple (XRP) closely. If he manages to hold the reinforcement at $0.44, he predicts it will potentially bounce back into the $0.51 high range. For this altcoin, he says:

Go back to the low range and boost. However, the second test here often doesn’t provide a ton of power. Still enough for long period games. If it is lost, the next area is $0.40.

Source: Van de Poppe/Twitter

The last altcoin on Michaël van de Poppe’s radar is Ethereum rival Near Protocol (NEAR). According to the analyst, the NEAR bulls need to retake a precious level. Otherwise, the altcoin will likely continue to decline. The analyst’s explanation is as follows:

Getting $3.10 back is precious. It activates a continuation to $4 as it is in a bearish retest so far.

Source: Van de Poppe/Twitter

Can SOL surprise everyone again?

Crypto analyst Gamza Khanzadaev points out the following technical levels for Solana (SOL). The altcoin has completed its second week of declines, with a total loss of 17% over the past 14 days. In addition to the price loss, SOL also lost its foothold at the precious $30.5 level. Now the SOL will probably reach the end of the corridor where it has been in progress since the end of May. That’s when the revel will begin.

When we look at the weekly SOL chart, we see that it has been in a similar price range for the last five months compared to a year ago. The limits for this corridor have since been $24.5 and $47. Maintaining this lower end and breaking this ceiling, SOL is up 430% in the three months since August 2021.

SOL reaching the $24.5 mark is likely to mark the beginning of the end of its decline. However, falling below this level, as it was a year ago, cannot be underestimated. At the same time, there is a risk of going into a long negative price exploration if the SOL falls below these zones and is not brought back in time. As you follow, we should not forget the unexpected increase and accompanying hype around Solana last year. Given this, the SOL chart is indeed one of the interesting ones on the market this time.

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