Analyst with Million Subscribers: This Altcoin Might Surprise You!

The well-known figure of Youtube, Coin Bureau analyst Guy, updates his predictions about an altcoin project that has been the trend of recent days.

According to Coin Bureau analyst, this altcoin is very valuable

Coin Bureau analyst thinks that Aptos (APT), which is ranked 50th by market cap, is valuable. Guy noted that in a new image, Aptos (APT), who stands out as the Solana killer, is “overrated”. However, the analyst adds that the project has attractive foundations:

As APT is an original cryptocurrency, I don’t have much to say about price action at the moment. Even so, Aptos at first glance looks insanely valuable, with a market cap of over $1 billion and a thoroughly diluted market cap of more than $9 billion. But upon closer inspection, some foundations seem to be starting to take shape.

The analyst then compares Aptos with metrics from different networks:

Aptos Explorer reports over 1.7 million wallet addresses. AdaStat explorer assumes there are around 2.3 million wallet addresses for Cardano. This indicates that within two weeks of launch, Aptos will have more users than Cardano. The mainnet for Cardano was launched more than five years ago. This is an important adoption.

Aptos is currently trading at $8.18, down just over 40% from its ATH level of $13.73 on Oct.

price targets

Guy adds that Aptos has the technical ability to deliver the ambitious roadmap in the weeks and months ahead:

Aptos still has a lot of goals to accomplish… In short, Aptos, like all other new cryptocurrencies, wants to scale to support billions of users and every imaginable use case. The difference is that Aptos actually has the necessary technology.

Aptos is currently the newest cryptocurrency on the crypto scene. In late July, it raised $200 million in funding from a number of companies. It also bears the signatures of former Meta employees. Its blockchain uses the proprietary programming language Move.

The main feature of Aptos is parallel execution. Many Blockchains use a process ordering technique in which a single process chronology is always updated. Every time you make a process, that process is added to a single ledger that contains every process ever executed. It is updated one-on-one over the network and through thousands of nodes.

Parallel execution, on the other hand, runs multiple chains in parallel at the same time. Theoretically, it allows more to be processed simultaneously. Aptos claims it reached 130,000 processes per second during the test phase. Compare that to Ethereum’s 30 per second slower. More details about Aptos Koindeks.comYou can find it from this article.

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